before-after-robinRobin dropped 39 pounds, 13.3 percent body fat and four sizes!

When I started my journey to become more fit and healthy back in April 2012, I was 176 lbs,, 33.3% body fat, and was wearing a size 12. Ellipse was offering a Groupon and I decided I needed to make a change in my life to incorporate exercise and eating healthy into my daily routine.

After my first 2 weeks of group classes at Ellipse I was hooked. Between the strength training and cardio kickboxing, I was receiving a complete total workout that I have never experienced before. As the months went on, I kept hearing from people how great I was looking and I also noticed my clothes were no longer fitting the same (in a good way). My energy and endurance level is outstanding since incorporating these workouts into my routine along with clean eating.

The coaches at Ellipse each day inspire me to continue to strive towards maintaining my goal of exercising daily and eating the right foods. They provide helpful tips to assist us in making right choices.

To date I am proud to say I am at a healthy weight for my height, 137 lbs. and I have a body fat of 20% and wear a size 4.  Thank You Ellipse!