before-after-kariKari dropped 50+ pounds!

I’ve always had to watch what I ate. I was never overweight, but there were times growing up when I carried extra pounds. I had been successful on many diets, but none of them were the lasting lifestyle change needed. I have always exercised. I’ve used videos and had gym memberships. The problem was it would get boring. I would stop for a few months… and start again. When exercise didn’t help me lose weight it would discourage me. I decided to start taking classes at a local gym, but unfortunately, I grew bored with the less than motivating instructors.

In 2009 I decided to join Ellipse. I have been a member ever since and still love it. The program is designed in a way so I never have to think about what I am going to do and they always change it up to keep my muscles confused. While cardio is great, it’s important for me to never miss a strength class. Ellipse offers many classes every day, so I always have an option for my schedule.

The instructors always make me feel important by keeping everything personal. The best part is being back to the weight I was when I was 19. I can finally see that “Ellipse Body” I’ve worked so hard for. Ellipse gave me that body and I will always be truly thankful to them and to myself for all the hard work I have done to get here.