before-after-jodiJodi dropped 4 sizes!

I went from a 12 to an 8! I played the up and down game for years before I decided enough was enough. Ellipse provides the discipline and accountability that I need. Working out at Ellipse also allows me to set a great example for my kids. In the beginning I joined to do something with my friends. I stuck with the program because of how it made me feel and it gave me my “ME Time.” Now I stick with the program because of the results I am getting and because it shows my kids that exercise and good nutrition are a way of life.

My kids love coming to Ellipse to see me “jab, cross, hook, cut” (as my daughter does her own version) and come home asking me to show them how to plank or kick. I love hearing my kids brag about my accomplishments.

Ellipse has not only provided me the tools to be healthy and to create change but it also provides that for my family. Working full time and having two kids are great excuses not to drive the 30 minutes to Ellipse, but the benefits far outweigh any excuses I could come up with. Thanks to Ellipse for providing ALL the tools I need. Great workouts AND nutrition support!