Jamie lost 86 lbs in eight months!

After acquiring a new horse in spring of 2011, I wanted to be able to ride which was not viable at 266 lbs. My weight prevented me from riding as well as many other physical activities. I started to watch what I was eating and decided I needed to include exercise again into my program, so I began looking for a gym.

before-after-jamieMy first visit to Ellipse was on a Friday with a few of my co-workers. The work out was a challenge but I loved the energy. The Ellipse team was amazing! Due to my size, when I started Ellipse there were several exercises I couldn’t do.

The coaching team provided guidance and alternatives to ensure the exercise structure fit my physical capabilities appropriately. I also received warm welcomes from many of the members. Although I was extremely exhausted and sore after the workout, I decided to return. Every day I was encouraged by the entire group. Many people would tell me the pain would go away, that the moves will become easier, and most importantly, you will see results! I started to see results the first week!

I decided to make a commitment to myself and signed up for a membership. I set up a routine and consistently attended a 5am session during the week. The coaches provide just the right encouragement and know when and when not to push me to that next step. The nutritional program has been an added benefit that I had not intended on receiving when I first started. The support and knowledge they have provided me has been life saving!

Today, I am 147 lbs., a loss of 119 lbs., and feel fabulous! My health has improved. I can tie my shoes without bending over and losing my breath. I don’t hesitate nor lose my breath when I have to walk up steps. I can ride my horse! I feel fabulous and I contribute my success to the Ellipse team. Thanks for saving my life!

Ellipse Fitness. Helping you make a difference – every day.


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