before-after-charityCharity lost 20 pounds!

I want to thank Ellipse for the wonderful support they’ve provided in my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Until a couple years ago, I’d always naturally been thin, however, it was an unhealthy skinny and I lacked any strength and confidence that go with having a balanced body. I then experienced a major loss in my family and went from unhealthy skinny to overweight by about 25 pounds.

I knew I had to do something and started to run. This helped shed about 5 pounds but I couldn’t shed anymore and I still felt weak. I stumbled across Ellipse and joined with a friend. In just a little over a year, I shed those extra 20 pounds and more importantly gained strength, balance and confidence in myself physically.

The instructors are supportive and understand that not everyone is capable of the same things. I feel comfortable in the classes and have gained a sense of pride in who I am physically. It’s helped me to listen to my body, push myself and eat healthy. All of the instructors are phenomenal! They push me when I need to be pushed and offer encouragement. Those words of encouragement during class mean so much.