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FAQ: New Guest Tips

Welcome to Ellipse Fitness! First off, we are so excited to be a part of your fitness journey, and PLEASE always feel welcome to talk to our trainers and staff about anything! If we don’t know the answer, we are always happy to point you in the right direction!

Here are some common questions we see that may help you to get started…

1. What should I bring?

a. A good pair of clean tennis shoes
b. Sweat towel
c. Water (we sell bottles of water too, but go ahead and bring your favorite water bottle if you’d like!)
d. Appropriate fitness gear, like a t-shirt and fitness pants/shorts.
e. We have foam rollers and boxing gloves, but if you have a roller or gloves that you love, feel free to bring them.

2. Will I be the only one who…?

There is a 98% chance, someone your age, with your condition, and/or your concerns HAS done this before and was successful doing so! You are not alone! We have levels suitable for almost everyone. Fitness can be intimidating initially, but we will set you up for success, going over the basics, breaking down the movements and only adding things in once you are ready.

3. My [fill in the blank] hurts, had surgery, etc…

First, make sure you have filled out a medical history form so we know exactly how to work with you during your Ellipse training sessions. Our certified trainers are experienced to offer suitable adjustments or alternate exercises as needed.

4. My schedule is tough! How long are the workouts and what does the schedule look like?

At Ellipse we program our sessions assuming that everyone has a variable schedule and in some cases can never make it on a certain day. No worries, our behind the scenes programming has you covered! Get a complete workout attending as little as 2-3 days/week. Our sessions run 45-50 minutes and include foam rolling and a dynamic warm-up.

Group Personal Training (5am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm*, 6pm*. Ask your local studio for the Saturday schedule.)
*Allouez – no 5 pm or 6pm on Fridays
*Oakville – no 5pm on Fridays

– Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are strength based with Monday and Friday offering a little more heart-pounding metabolic component.

• Kickboxing/Team Training (5am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm. Ask your local studio for the Saturday schedule.)
– Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday have a kickboxing basis with a variety of twists to keep it fresh.

We respect your time and make a practice of starting and ending on time. Don’t forget, we have showers available as well if you need to make your getaway even quicker!

5. I’m nervous

That’s totally normal and you are not alone! Taking the first step into the studio is always the hardest. If you can make it into the front doors, we promise to take good care of you and help you feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible! If you have any injuries, bodily limitations, or just want to test the waters as opposed to jumping right in, our trainers will work with you. Not sure what a deadlift is? No problem, we’ll walk you through a hip lift and work to progress you toward the next step.

6. I won’t know anyone!

Most people don’t know anyone the first day, which is why we are here! Let us introduce you to some new fitness friends and trainers. We’re all here for the same positive results, accountability, and community.

7. In the past, I’ve gotten bored

For over a decade, Ellipse has been known for our variety and fitness expertise. Let us show you variety like never before!

8. How do I get started?

First, request a medical history form (or click the link above!) and login from your local studio. Call, email, or stop in to set up an initial “Get To Know You” session to help us guide you toward the program best suited to you. Short on time? Just fill out your medical history form and we can email or call you our recommendation and best way to get started.

Your first session we’ll have you come in about 15 minutes prior to get your orientated and ready for the session. After your first session, arriving 5-15 minutes prior will allow proper foam rolling and warm-up time.

9. How can I stay connected?

Make sure you are getting our emails! On Tuesday’s you’ll find our “Lunch N’ Learn” series to keep you informed and motivated. Keep up with your local studios with our Friday studio update and notes. If you haven’t received an email yet, be sure to reach out.
Follow the Ellipse Fitness corporate Facebook pageand your local studio Facebook/Instagram pages for another method of staying “in the know”.

Finally, when you join as a member, you will be invited to be a part of your local studios private Facebook group; a place to interact with other members and ask health and fitness related questions!

10. What else should I know?

Our training team and Ellipse community are here to ensure your success. Without you, your results, or your positive experience, Ellipse wouldn’t be here so we are grateful and VERY motivated to make sure you have the best fitness experience EVER!

Our members are encouraged to book their sessions at least 4 hours prior to help the trainers provide the best service possible. Your situation doesn’t allow for a 4-hour window? Just check with your local studio as we have processes in place for those situations!

Life is about balance, and so is Ellipse Fitness. As mentioned before, you’ll get a great workout in, but there will be no exercises that you “cannot do”. Our coaches will make sure you have options, just communicate with us and we will figure it all out!

Fitness Tip: TRX Sprinter Starts

The TRX was originally created from parachute straps by a Navy Seal named Randy Hedrick, for the purpose of staying in peak condition with limited training space.
The TRX Sprinter Starts is a combination cardio and functional strength move emphasizing the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles and core.
1. To begin, adjust the TRX straps long so that the bottom of the strap is about 3” from the floor.
2. Turn away from the anchor point, hold the handles in front of the body with palms facing each other and place the straps under the arms.
3. Start off in a standard plank moving feet further towards the anchor point of the TRX.
Level one: Bend one knee as you bring the other foot back towards the anchor point and then return to the starting position with both legs straight.
Level two: Bend one knee and start with the other leg back towards the anchor point. Then drive the front foot into the floor as you bring the back knee up in front of the body and return to the starting position.
Level three: Bend one knee and start with the other leg back towards the anchor point. Then drive the front foot into the floor as you bring the back knee up and hop on the front foot. Then return to the starting position. (Note: The higher the knee, the more ab strengthening).
4. Switch legs after exhaustion and repeat.

Fitness Tip: TRX Power Pull

The TRX Suspension System is an effective training tool because its scale able to accommodate all fitness levels, it trains in 3-D, and it works all core all the time.
The TRX Power Pull is a unilateral movement developing rotational power and shoulder stability while strengthening the upper back and core.
1. Begin by adjusting the TRX straps to mid-length. Then put the TRX in single hand mode.
2. Stand with feet hip width apart with one hand holding the TRX handle close to the body and the other arm reaching up the strap.
3. Open up the chest as you lean back and rotate away from the anchor point of the TRX.
4. Then keeping the legs straight, rotate back as you pull the handle back to your chest and return to your starting position.
To make this more advanced, walk your feet closer to the anchor point, making the decline steeper. To modify this move, stagger the feet and keep the back leg bent.

Fitness Tip: TRX Hip Press

The TRX Hip Press targets the hamstrings, gluteal muscles, back extensors and core.
1. Begin by adjusting the TRX straps to mid-calf height.
2. Then lie on your back (supine) about 1’ away from the anchor point with knees bent at 90 degrees and heels in straps.
3. Place your arms next to your sides with palms facing up.
4. Then contract your gluteal muscles and lift your hips so that your body forms a straight line from knees to shoulders.
5. Return to your starting position and repeat.
6. Intensify this move by moving further from the TRX anchor point (still keeping knees at 90 degrees the entire time).

Fitness Tip of the Week: Kettlebell Figure 8 Wide Stance Squat

Are you looking for a move that will tone your inner thighs while tightening your booty as well?  Look no further than the Kettlebell Figure 8 Wide Stance Squat!

The wide stance position allows you to drop deeper in your squat with less pressure on your knees and lower back, and then engages and contracts the inner thighs and glute as you drive through your heels and return to a standing position.

In addition, by adding the kettlebell in a figure 8 movement between and around the outside of your legs, you will not only increase your aerobic output, but you’ll burn more calories, as well!  A win, win for low body toning and calorie burning!



Fitness Tip of the Week: Stability Ball Oblique Wall Crunch

The oblique crunch with rotation strengthens and stabilizes the core. In this move, the rectus abdominis and spinal erectors work in unison to enable movement in multiple planes. The stability ball allows for a greater range of movement which adds to the effectiveness of the move. The oblique crunch with rotation is a functional movement as it mimics many sports and everyday twisting and turning movements.

1. Begin with one hip on the stability ball and your feet spread wide at the base of a wall (bottom foot forward, top foot back).

2. Then place your fingertips near your ears with your elbows back and bend sideways over the ball.

3. Contract your oblique as you crunch sideways towards the wall.

4. At the top of the movement, rotate your torso so that it faces the wall.

5. Return to the original starting position and repeat. Be sure to work both sides equally.

Fitness Tip of the Week: Dumbbell Bridge Chest Press

The Bridge Chest Press is a combination strength move engaging the core and targeting primarily the Pectorals and Gluteal muscles.  As with any combination lifting, the Bridge Chest Press burns more calories than a chest press alone due to the additional contraction of the core and lower body muscles. 

1.    Lay supine (on your back), with feet on the floor and knees pointing to the ceiling. 

2.   Hold dumbbells in both hands (pronated grip), even with your chest and with elbows bent at 90 degrees. 

3.   Lift your hips up and contract your glutes to form a straight line from abs to knees. 

4.   Keeping your hips up, exhale as you bring the dumbbells up and in slightly over your chest, then back down to their starting position.  Head, neck, shoulders and feet remain on the floor and provide a solid base to lift medium to heavy dumbbells and build muscle mass.


Fitness Tip of the Week: TRX Lower Body Mountain Climber

The TRX was designed by a US Marine with parachute straps and continues to be an effective yet simple apparatus for functional strength.  The Lower Body Mountain Climber on the TRX is not only core strengthening, but also an explosive cardio move.

  1. Adjust TRX so straps are mid-calf height.
  2. Place feet in the straps.
  3. Begin in a plank position with elbows directly under the shoulder and back straight.
  4. Alternate pulling one knee in towards the chest, and releasing to starting position.


Kettlebell: Triple Crush

If you’re looking for an effective move to tone up your arms (biceps and triceps) and your shoulders this holiday season, then the Kettlebell Triple Crush is for you!

Kettlebells were developed in Russia in the 1700s, and are holistic in their nature as they work several muscles simultaneously.

Begin by holding the base of the kettlebell with both hands with your arms down at your sides.  Then curl the kettlebell up to your chest.  Next, push the kettlebell up into an overhead press.  Finally, hinge at the elbows to bring the kettlebell behind your head (keeping upper arms close to you head).  Then reverse the order… extend the arms overhead, bring the kettlebell to your chest and then to the starting position.  Repeat.


Resistance Tube: Single Arm Triceps Extension

Trying your best to hide those upper arms under long sleeves this fall?  Eliminate the jiggle with this awesome and effective move!

The single arm triceps extension with the resistance tube isolates and strengthens the triceps, making them firmer and stronger.

Once in position, be sure to keep your palm facing up, and your upper arm next to your head while hinging only at the elbow to work the triceps most effectively.

Do this exercise 2-3 times per week and let the flags do all the waving at your next parade!


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