If you need a program designed for you, by someone who cares about you, Ellipse personal training is the answer.

There’s a science behind what we do to help your body transform, and only Ellipse Fitness combines customized personal training with high energy interval training, plus nutrition consultations for fast results. The only way to keep your body changing and ultimately achieve the new look you want is with custom training.

Custom training with proven life-changing results

Custom training includes all the benefits of Group Personal Training, but with a customized program designed by a certified personal trainer specifically for your fitness goals and objectives. This special membership can be adjusted to account for specific fitness objectives (running, golfing, other sporting activities) or for people with limitations due to past injuries or simply for the person who needs more attention or accountability to meet their goals. Members who participate in custom training see the fastest results.

When you work with our trainers, we design a plan – a road map – to get results. Your core program is designed with your long-term goal in mind, leading to a strong and lean body. This isn’t a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all plan.


One-on-One Consultations

As a member of the Ellipse Training Center, you are paired with one of our certified coaches who will check in throughout your quest, keeping you on track towards your goal.

Your journey begins on the very first day when we learn your goals, assess your physical fitness condition and design a custom workout and training program. As part of this initial experience, we take your basic measurements such as body weight and body fat, and assess your strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility. This assists us in establishing benchmarks to measure your progress during your monthly check-ins and program updates.

The update appointment includes a continual evaluation of your nutrition and supplements to confirm you’re establishing healthy eating habits, and designs your chart of progression.

No other program offers such a complete ramp-up, coupled with ongoing support to achieve the results you crave.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain, our customized memberships provide the guidance you need for optimal results.