Real Success Stories!



JAMIE lost 86 lbs in eight months!



What made December 2011 different for me was my aspiration to horseback ride again. After acquiring a new horse in spring of 2011, I was inspired to be able to horseback ride which was not viable at 266 lbs. My weight prevented me from riding as well as many other physical activities. I was unable to enjoy an activity that provided me happiness and relaxation, elements we all look for in life. I started watch what I was eating, trying to “eat healthy”. I decided that I needed more and that I should try to include exercise again into my program, so I began looking for a gym. 


I have a wonderful support network that surrounds me every day. I am truly blessed first, my family and second, my co-workers. During my quest to look for a gym a small group of my co-workers mentioned Ellipse. I had never heard of Ellipse and during our discussions the small group decided to try it out. We heard about their great program where we could try it out, with no obligation to sign up. My first visit to Ellipse was on a Friday with a few of my co-workers. The work out was a challenge but I loved the energy.

The Ellipse team was amazing! Due to my size, when I started Ellipse there were several exercise moves I was unable to perform.

The coaching team provided guidance and alternatives to ensure the exercise structure fit my physical capabilities appropriately. In addition to the Ellipse team, I received warm welcomes from many of the members. Although I was extremely exhausted and sore after the workout, I decided to return. I was the only individual from my small group that returned. Each consecutive day I returned I was encouraged by the entire group. Various individuals would inform me that the pain would go away, that the moves will become easier, and most importantly, you will see results. I started to see results the first week! A week had passed and I decided to make a commitment to myself and obtained my membership at Ellipse. I setup a routine and attend consistently at 5am during the week. I have met many wonderful individuals that attend each day and continue to provide their support. The coach’s provide just the right encouragement and know when and when not to push me to that next step. The nutritional program has been an added benefit that I had not intended on receiving when I first started.  Again, the support and knowledge they have provided me has been life saving.

Today, I am 135 lbs, a loss of 131 lbs, and I continue to strive for my weight loss goal. However, I can honestly say, I feel fabulous! My health has improved. I can tie my shoes without bending over and losing my breath. I don’t hesitate nor lose my breath when I have to walk up steps. I can ride my horse! I feel fabulous and I contribute my success to the Ellipse team. Thanks for saving my life!  

Jamie H


Trisha lost 60 lbs at Ellipse Fitness!




Kim learns there is no magic bullet to fitness!

You have given me a lot whether you know it or not.  You’ve taught me to eat in a way that I can still have dinner with my family.  You’ve shown me things that I can pass along to my kids and benefit them for life by making them healthy and strong.  I also love that you recognize that there is no magic bullet – if you work out and eat right you will weigh less, period.  It’s common sense but until you see someone living it sometimes it doesn’t click.  For me, you made it click and I don’t think I’ll ever unclick it!  You kick ass! :)

This was a note from Kim to her Weight Loss Coach


BRIAN lost 95 lbs in one year

“I joined the Appleton North Ellipse a year ago. The daily workouts increased my energy and the camaraderie kept me coming back. In the first two weeks I lost 12 pounds. The workouts are intense and the motivation to succeed by each of the instructors is great. It’s really easy to give it all you got in every workout when someone is cheering you on.  For me the biggest benefit of joining was learning what and how to eat. I’ve been in three Ellipse programs now. I just recently started the regular nutrition program to take off the last few pounds and learn to eat for life. I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time. Thanks Ellipse!”


Where do I start? A friend convinced me to try Ellipse Fitness in June 2009. I thought she had to be out of her mind! Me, kick box? Workout? Lift weights? I’m almost 60 years old!  However, as I started attending class I realized I had more energy, even after a long day at work. Before I knew it my health began to improve and the pounds started to fall off. As a result of following the Ellipse Weight Loss program and working out in the Ellipse Core classes I have lost 56 pounds and no longer have to take heart medication. I accomplished this in only 7 months! During a recent doctor appointment I pulled out my “before and after” photo – and the doctor didn’t think the before photo was me!! It’s so easy to find excuses not to workout, but when you do it’s worth it I love to come to class and kick box. Punching and kicking the bag is a great stress reliever. It’s so important for everyone to realize you need to do the best YOU can. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.




I look forward to going to class every day. I love all the instructors, they are all very friendly and good at their job.


I love my club!  Most instructors are helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and very encouraging. I like that most instructors know me by name and continue to encourage me throughout the class. 


Ellipse FitnessThings have been great for me here.  


I love how the classes are always different and challenging. It still amazes me that I am sore after some classes even though I have been a member for almost 2 years. The staff continues to instruct on each exercise even if we have performed it in the past. They are always prepared for the workout.  

I appreciate that almost all staff there always make me feel like I’m the reason they are there. The staff are positive and up beat and have a pulse on what’s going on inn their class. I enjoy the variety of music during classes – sometimes it’s hard to have classes to the same soundtrack over and over – I appreciate the class sizes.


I love working out at the Darboy location. The staff is always friendly and very helpful.


Your club is very motivating, informational and result oriented with a great staff. 


Awesome!  Overall best place in all the states I have lived in. You all care and so motivational that it inspires me to do better for myself. The routines are every changing and never become boring as other places do. Keep up the awesome inspiration to all of us.


I really enjoy coming to Ellipse. I joined about five months ago because I had been looking to join a gym but didn’t know where to start. The Ellipse program is perfect for me — there is a class that always fits with my schedule (for both school and work), and I have definetly seen results in the past few months. I love that I can adjust it to my ability, as I have seen my personal fitness grow in the past few months as well. Thank you so much! 



Wonderful staff. This is the longest I’ve been with a gym (3 years) because the workouts continue to fatigue my muscles and challenge me.


From: Stephanie F

I just got my blood work back from my annual physical:

Cholesteral = 122 (less than 200 is desirable)
LDL (BAD) cholesteral = 61 (ideal LDL goal is 130)
HDL (GOOD) cholesteral = 56 (desirable range is greater than 45)
Triglycerides = 27 (less than 150 is desirable)
Blood Suger = 94 (should be less than 100 when fasting)

I feel like I just aced a test that I worked my a$$ off for!!!  I am so flippin excited!!! Just wanted to share :-) Happy Friday!


You have been a fabulous addition to my life, or maybe I just needed to join the cult and quit being obstinate. I love the way I am feeling when working out and am so stoked when when I do amp’d, k-bell or edge. 



The staff and exercise classes are the best around.


Heather and her crew are fantastic! I love the classes and hate it when I have to miss one.


I love working out at Ellipse and the classes have been extremely helpful for me. I recommend Ellipse to anyone that asks about it! 


I love the attention to details that Heather and her staff gives. Heather has really gone above and beyond for me, helping me through this weight loss journey. I love the classes and the variety they offer, there is nothing else like it out there.  


I have been a member for a very long time and have always loved it.   


I think everyone there is awesome! The staff is great and it shows in the members.


I think you have the best workouts ever! I really appreciate the fact that it’s never the same class. No getting into a rut. 


I appreciate the personal attention to technique, the staff are helpful and kind with the right amount of push to hold me accountable to workout at my best as


Ellipse Fitness Weight LossI get stonger and more centered. 


I just started coming back 4 weeks ago and have dropped 5.5% in body fat and my clothes fit way better! Ellipse, and especially the staff and other members, are really important to me. Thank you all very much!


I feel great because of Ellipse. I have lost over 40 pounds and am more fit and strong. And, my knees don’t hurt like they used to! The staff is great. I like the classes, and that they are always different. Ellipse is great! 


I’m glad Ellipse was recommended to me!! I will be a long time member.  


Love the classes and staff. Always very friendly, helpful & motivating. Wish I would have joined years ago. Keep up the great work! 


Ann and Natasha, and Mary are great. I really enjoy their classes and they have a perfect personality to teach the classes. I love the classes and love the fact they are always different.


The best fitness club ever!!


I love this club. The staff is the best. I’m greeted by first name when I walk in the door and during class. I feel like I have my own personal trainer. All staff know when to push me at just the right time. I have been a member for 3 months, have lost about 15 pounds and over 2 pant sizes. I love the 5am class- no other place offers that time. I feel like a million bucks!


Love it, I always feel welcome from the minute I walk in the door, everyone greets you by your name. It is a good hard workout with a lot of sweat and a few groans sometimes.


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