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Have you been tirelessly working out but not seeing RESULTS you were hoping for?

Have you been trying to lose weight but can’t seem to get it right?

If that’s the case, then don’t worry, you are not alone.  In fact, there are many people we have helped in the same situation.  Click here to check out some of our success stories at Ellipse Fitness!  We all want to get fit, lose weight and burn fat, yet despite our efforts we can’t seem to achieve the desired results.  If you have been struggling with these issues, or are interested in how you can improve your fitness and weight loss goals, you are welcome to participate in our Rev Up Your Metabolism Workshop series.

Rev Up Your Metabolism is a FREE series designed to educate people on the importance of how their metabolism works and how it can impact both weight loss and fat loss.  Each workshop will run less than an hour and is FREE for both Members and Guests.

A few things we touch on!

Fat Loss and Exercise – Finding the BALANCE!

  • Learn about the importance of METABOLISM and how you can burn fat, even when you’re SLEEPING
  • Learn how certain types of exercises can actually cause both fat and weight gain
  • Learn why repeating the same exercise routine can lead to POOR results
  • Learn how you can workout LESS yet BURN MORE FAT!

Eat Right & Think Right – the MINDSET

  • The importance of eating early and often. You must EAT to lose weight.
  • It’s not about weight loss!  You can gain weight but get SMALLER!
  • The Dreaded “CRABS IN THE BASKET” – They’re pulling you DOWN!
  • Accountability – Support – Motivation
  • Helpful Nutrition Tips  and the Importance of WATER

For more information on how you can attend these seminars.  Please contact your local Ellipse Fitness today!

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