Our Programs

At Ellipse Fitness, we believe that having the best time leads to getting the best results. That’s why all our sessions are fast paced and fun. New programs are regularly being introduced to keep you motivated and coming back.

All members of Ellipse Fitness have the unique opportunity to Lose Fat, Gain Strength and GET HEALTHY in an environment that is welcoming and FUN! There are more than 35 team training sessions per location every week and the programs are laid together in a unique program that will yield FAST RESULTS in record time!

Our sessions include kickboxing, strength training, boot camp and high intensity training so you’ll never be bored and ALWAYS be challenged! Our Weight Loss program is specifically designed based on your goals and will help create the PERFECT STORM for you to lose weight and get in shape FAST!


High Energy Sessions like kickboxing to a bag and group strength training will reduce body fat, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase strength and improve your metabolism! Ellipse sessions are like NOTHING you’ve experienced in fitness! We’re leaders in Group Exercise and you’ll know the difference after one class!

Boot Camp!

Extreme Conditioning at it’s finest! If you’re looking for a challenge to your body or you’re ready to break through a plateau, Ellipse boot camp is for you! At Ellipse we’ve perfected group functional training in a fast paced exciting environment, no matter what your fitness level, Boot Camp will get you ultimate results in the shortest amount of time!


Weight Loss

Customized Meal Planning, One on One consultations and Accountability designed for you is what the Ellipse Weight Loss program is all about! You’ll learn how to EAT to LOSE WEIGHT! No more fad diets or starvation techniques for you! You’ll work one on one with a weight loss coach in a personal setting and you’ll see long lasting PERMANENT results! This isn’t a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

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