Barbequed Turkey Sandwiches

Are you searching for a new recipe to serve during your football game party?  This delicious recipe is perfect to serve to a crowd as you can simply double the recipe!  A tailgate party sandwich you can enjoy without the guilt!  A great topping  to this sandwich is a dab of fresh coleslaw!!

Barbequed Turkey Sandwiches

1   Medium Onion, finely chopped
2   Tsp. Olive Oil
3/4 Cup Chili Sauce
1/2 Cup Water
2   Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1   Tbsp. Brown Sugar
3   Cups Shredded Cooked Turkey Breast
6   Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns, split

Directions:  In a large saucepan, saute onion in oil until tender.  Stir in the chili sauce, water, Worcestershire sauce, and brown sugar.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, for 5 minutes.  Stir in turkey; heat through.  Serve on buns.

Serves:  6
Total Calories: 278   Carb=32g Prot=25g Fat=8.9g

 Ellipse Tip:  Some great options for buns are Village Hearth Light Buns, Sara Lee De-Light, and Arnold’s Sandwich Thins.

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich by Ellipse

Hi Everyone,

This is an excellent recipe for those mornings “on the go”!  Simply whip up this sandwich, fold it into a napkin, and eat it in the car on the ride to your destination.  Not only will you enjoy a healthy breakfast, your kids will likely enjoy them as well!

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

1   Thomas Bagel Thin

3/4 Cup Egg Beaters

2-3 Slices Thin Ham Lunch Meat

1   Slice Kraft Fat-free Cheese Single

Directions:  Spray a small pan with cooking spray.  Pour Egg Beaters into pan and cook over medium heat.  Keep eggs flat and flip over when cooked on one side.  When eggs are thouroughly cooked, top with sliced ham and piece of cheese, and cover pan to help melt the cheese.  Meanwhile toast your bagel thin and top with egg mixture when bagel is toated.

Serves:  1

Total Calories: 255   Carb=28g Prot=30g Fat=3.9g

Ellipse Tip:  If you prefer egg whites, you can substitute 5 egg whites for the Egg Beaters.  You may want to top this recipe with a touch of salt and pepper as well!

Turkey Reuben by Ellipse

Hi Everyone~

Here is a low-fat Turkey Reuben recipe that I think is awesome!  This is a staple in our house as it offers a ton of protein, complex carbohydrates, and the zippy flavor of the sauerkraut!  A Reuben sandwich is traditionally served with Thousand Island dressing.  Be careful…..this dressing can add lots of fat and calories to your healthy sandwich!  If you must, go for a low-cal or fat-free version and measure out 1 serving.

Turkey Reuben

4 Oz. Sliced Turkey Breast

1 Slice Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese

2 Slices Whole Wheat or Rye Bread

1/4 Cup Sauerkraut

Directions:  In a skillet, warm turkey over medium heat.  Meanwhile warm the sauerkraut.  When the sauerkraut is warm, place it on top of turkey in skillet, top with slice of cheese, and cover skillet.  When cheese is melted, place ingredients on toasted bread and enjoy!

Serves:  1

Total Calories: 247   Carb=22g Prot=34g Fat=6.2g

Tiffany’s Tip:  This is easy to make for a crowd!  Get out the griddle, warm the meat, separate it in separate stacks, and add the sauerkraut and cheese!  DONE!!  Serve and enjoy!