Go! St. Louis

Well, the St. Louis contingent is fired up and ready to run.  Right?  Today is the first day of the Go! St. Louis Family Fitness Weekend.  The Missouri crew started training on January 1 of this year.  We have endured brutally cold tempatures, snow, rain, and temptations to go out to breakfast as opposed to running on more than one occasion.  It’s all about to pay off.

There is something pretty amazing about the fact that the hard part of the race is over.  You have all earned a spot at the starting line.  The finish line is out there and not nearly as far away as it may feel when the gun goes off.  Enjoy every step of the way, the comradie of the other participants, the sights and sounds of our beautiful city, and the support of the Ellipse family in Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York!  You are well trained (if I do say so myself) and ready for results!

There will be emotional and overwhelming moments on the course.  Embrace them.  Look at the inspiration all around you.  There are folks running in memoriam, with cancer, fighting obesity, building confidence, and a multitude of other reasons you can’t even imagine.  Run in their uplift.  Enjoy the fans.  They are there for YOU!

Have a great day.  GO TEAM!

Wear you medal all day.  Wear it all day on Monday too with your race shirt.  Be proud.  You’re amazing!