reverse fly

The Reverse Fly – From Ellipse Fitness

Do you sit at a desk, drive a car or walk long distances for a living? If you answered yes then you may have experienced a nagging pain in your upper back located between your shoulder blades.  This blog is not a lecture about keeping posture, but an important tip on how to deal with that overwhelming tenderness many of us simply tolerate on a daily basis.

As we lean forward, as many of us do throughout the day, the muscles of our upper back work overtime to keep our head up.  Hour after hour we tell them to keep going.  The pain we experience is the muscles throwing up the white flag saying “I cannot do this any longer!!!!” That is where our friend the reverse fly comes to the rescue.



With the use of a resistance band (that can easily go to work with you) you can strengthen the shoulder blade muscles; especially the rhomboids that connect the spine to the shoulder blades.

With your chest forward and shoulders back, extend both arms straight in front of your body so they are parallel with the ground or your desk.  Holding one end of the resistance band in each hand, exhale and separate your hands keeping your arms straight until your arms are straight out at your sides (making a “T” shape).  Pause and pinch your shoulder blades together, inhale while releasing to where you started.

This exercise may not take the pain away in one day, but if you incorporate it into your daily routine it will make a huge impact on your posture and how much those back muscles can tolerate throughout the day!

Ready for a challenge?

When your arms are straight out the side and your shoulder blades are pinned together, pause and hold for 5 seconds before inhaling and releasing to where you started.

You can also tighten up on the resistance band to add tension.

Remember good form will allow for maximum impact. I wish each of you luck with your reverse fly adventures!