King Corn

The Demand for Cheap Food May Cost You

      Corn is used for many purposes in the United States. You will find it in almost every product on a grocery store shelf, lip balm, and your gas tank. According to the movie King Corn, each of us is comprised of mostly corn. By having a small strand of hair tested in a lab, it turns out that we are made up of mostly corn ourselves. This sweet product is taking a toll on our animals, agriculture, diet, and economy.
     Viewing this movie inspires deep thought of all products Americans have come to take for granted. Corn tortillas, chips, popcorn, and starch are a few items that immediately follow ‘corn on the cob’ on the train of thought. Hamburgers, french fries, canned fruit, syrup, oils, vanilla extract, and xanthan gum are not usually top of mind when listing corn products. After viewing this film, this writer has an entirely new outlook on, perhaps our oldest American food. It is hard to keep from wondering “Am I mostly corn?”
     Could this explain why sometimes today’s exercise and nutrition enthusiast, if only for a day, feel like their metabolism is like a 40 year old furnace? Sometimes it works great after you throw a log on the embers. Other times it needs tweaking. More often, some of us would love to toss it out and buy a newer model. Human beings are in grave danger of becoming a corn byproduct.
     This film discusses the viability cattle possess to simply survive after years of eating too much corn. Today’s cattle consume 70% of our nation’s antibiotics because of how sick the corn makes them. Without the antibiotics, they would die early and diseased. According to Jamie Oliver, a noted chef, our children are destined to live a shorter life span due to diet and poor nutrition. The inner workings of human beings are getting “gummed up” with too much high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, caramel, confectioner’s sugar, and sucralose which are all derived from corn.

Quotes from this film:

“Hamburgers are fat disguised as beef.”
“There is no nutritional value to today’s corn.”
“There is great demand for cheap food.”

Americans who wanted cheap food? There is more than enough. It will cost you $2.98 plus tax for a dollar menu taco, bacon cheeseburger, and a soft drink. It will cost our children about ten years of their life.

King Corn