The Inside Scoop (Part II)

Welcome back to day-to-day life for those of you who’ve been traveling or “Up North” as they say here in Wisconsin! We hope you all had a great 4th of July, and we know many of you haven’t made as many workouts as is routine this week so you will definitely want to read on to see what you missed during this week’s educational series!

Every day our workouts are a little bit different here at Ellipse Fitness, and we wanted to be sure that all of our members have some understanding of what we are aiming for with our workout programming. Here is our day-by-day look for this week:

Metabolic Conditioning in the broadest sense is a work:rest ratio implemented to elicit a specific response from the body. Different work to rest ratios call upon different energy systems of the body and help us work towards different goals (i.e sports performance, reducing body fat, increasing endurance). The key to getting the most out of “Met Con” is to push as hard as you can through the work period – “GO, GO, GO!” This increases your EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption) after your workout so you can continue to burn fat hours after your session is over!

Energy Systems: Ready? It’s about to get a little nerdy up in here…
Tuesday boxing combines cardio and strength. By combining both formats we can recruit all three energy systems (phosphagen, glycolytic and aerobic), boost metabolism, help prevent injury, and break the monotony of standard training protocol while still achieving significant results. The phosphagen system provides energy for all-out type exercises you can only do for 10 seconds or less, the glycolytic system is our intermediary system so to speak – for exercises lasting 30 seconds up to a few minutes minutes, and the aerobic system is utilized for those movements you can sustain longer.

HYPERTROPHY!! So much of what we design our workouts around revolves around muscle hypertrophy. In the simplest terms, this means “building muscle”. Hypertrophy includes both the ability to store more glycogen (stored glucose that is mobilized during the above-mentioned glycolytic cycle) and increase of myofibril size (the actual size and strength of the muscle fiber). We want to build more muscle for many reasons, not the least of which are an elevated metabolism and a less injury-prone body!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to offer greater benefits to your heart than moderate, steady-state workouts, and it is extremely effective for achieving fat loss, increasing endurance, decreasing blood glucose levels and promoting EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption). EPOC means your metabolism is elevated and you are burning calories/fat for hours following your workout. But there is a catch! During the peak times of the workout you have to push yourself to the limit to truly reap all the benefits of HIIT!

(Friday & Saturday)
Periodization may very well get its very own blog post dedicated to it in the future, because this here is a major piece of what separates a decent exercise routine from an exceptional one. We look at periodization on a day-to-day level, but also on a much broader scale with the understanding that many of our members are here for life! And while it is important to exercise throughout your life, if you just do the same movements the same way over and over and over and over and over…you get the idea…it will eventually lead to imbalance, chronic pain, boredom and most likely injury.

Periodization is a plan. Planned progressions to prevent plateaus. Planned management of fatigue to achieve continual muscular adaptations. Planned program design to avoid repetitive stress which can result in over-training and can set you back months or more.

Results at Ellipse Fitness come from our careful planning and management of your training program. To get the best results from your Ellipse program, arrive early to foam roll and warm up properly, understand the goal of the day’s workout, work to your full potential during the session, and then recover properly after you leave by eating well, getting enough sleep, and balancing stress. The program can’t work quite as well as it is designed if you don’t also do your part – and THAT is why we are stronger together, healthier together, and better together!

Celebrating 10 Years in Allouez!

Happy birthday to Allouez!

Here is a special letter from Heather Trevarthen, owner of the Allouez (Green Bay) Ellipse Fitness:

It’s amazing how much can change in 10 years. How did it all start you may (or may not) have wondered?

In 2005, I married my wonderful and supportive husband John. John had recently been hired for a job that required us to move from the Green Bay to Appleton/Darboy. Our new adventure would pull me away from the only community I had ever known.

One of my first missions was to find out where my new fitness home would be. I had received a postcard from some place called Livewell (today known as Ellipse Fitness). I attended 5 classes and remember not only having a blast with kickboxing, to an actual boxing bag, but also asking the coach if it was normal to feel EXHAUSTED by the end of the week..seriously could not keep my eyes open. I was no stranger to the gym, by that point, and was used to spending hours in a gym each night…I knew there was something different going on, but what? I was curious how this would work. The trainer assured me it was normal and it was just my body adjusting to something new. He was right. I trusted that my goals were his/their goals. The workouts, even then, were unlike any other place I had ever been to. I HAD to join and be a part of this. I was extremely happy at the results I saw in my body and became more confident in my own abilities.

I knew it was my turn to give back when, in the summer of 2006, I saw this little Livewell studio was rebranding to be Ellipse Fitness and was looking to grow. Even then, I believed in Ellipse and saw the huge potential there was to change lives with this unique fitness concept. A few months later I, and my husband, took a huge risk and began the construction process, of the very first expanded location, in a virtually empty strip mall in Allouez.

Today the Allouez Village Shoppes filled to capacity and running strong!

And so it began! My goal and passion became us, Ellipse Fitness Allouez. We started to reach goals in Allouez. We started to feel better, move better, perform better, and look better!

Michelle was our very first “published” success story.

“Congratulations to you, and to the success of Ellipse!! I miss you and wish I was closer as Ellipse was a true highlight of my life!! I never felt better and my confidence was shining at Ellipse!!! I will always be grateful for that, it will always be home and highly recommended!!!” – Michelle

Thank you for trusting Ellipse and your support over the years! 

Guests and Friends of Ellipse Fitness – We would love for you to see what has kept us in business for 10 years. Community, amazing trainers, and professional group programming …all to get you RESULTS. In the end, that is why Ellipse members keep coming back. Try your first Ellipse Fitness session for just $10.

Watch in the coming months as we spotlight more locations  and some of our members too! If you would like to be part of our spotlight, let us know! We would love to feature your story!

Couscous & Fruit Salad from Ellipse Fitness

2 Tablespoons Extra-virgin Olive Oil
2 Tablespoons Orange Juice
1 Tablespoon Cider Vinegar
2 Teaspoons Finely Chopped Shallots
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Freshly Ground Pepper
2 Cups Cooked Whole-wheat Couscous
1 Cup Chopped Nectarine
1 Cup Mixed Fresh Berries, such as blueberries and raspberries
2 Tablespoons Sliced almonds

Whisk oil, orange juice, vinegar, shallots, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Add cooked couscous, nectarines, berries and almonds; gently toss to combine.

Serves: 2
Exchanges: 2 Carbs, 1 Fruit, 1 Fat

Tuna Burgers from Ellipse Fitness

1 Can Low-Sodium Chunk White Tuna in Water
2 Tbsp. Chopped Onion or Dried Onion Flakes
2 Egg Whites
½ Cup of Panko Japanese Style Bread Crumbs
½ Tsp. Pepper
Cooking Spray
2 Light Buns (or bread of choice)

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Form into two patties and fry in a pan sprayed with cooking spray for about 4 minutes per side or until cooked as desired. Eat alone or on a toasted bun. (Good options for buns are: Sara Lee De-Light Wheat Buns, Village Hearth Light Buns, Arnold’s Sandwich Thins, or ½ of a Whole Wheat Pita Pocket.)

Serves: 2
Exchanges: 3 Extra Lean Protein, 2 Carbs

Apple Crisp Refrigerator Oatmeal from Ellipse Fitness

1/4 Cup old-fashioned oats
1 Container (6 oz) Yoplait Original 99% Fat Free Apple Crisp Yogurt
1 Teaspoon Chia seed, if desired

Toppings, if desired
1/4 Cup chopped Granny Smith Apple
1/8 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
2 Tablespoons Chopped Walnuts

Directions: In half-pint canning jar (or other re-sealable container), pour oats and yogurt. Top with chia seed; carefully stir to mix thoroughly. Refrigerate about 8 hours. When ready to serve, sprinkle with toppings.

Serves: 1
Exchanges: 1 Carb, 1 Milk, 1 Fruit

Twice Baked Potatoes from Ellipse Fitness

2 Large Potatoes
1/2 Cup Fat-free Cottage Cheese
1 Large Egg Yolk
2 Scallions, chopped
1 1/2 Tablespoons Chopped Fresh Dill
1/2 Teaspoon salt
1/4 Teaspoon Fresh Ground Pepper

Preheat oven to 400°F. Bake potatoes. Halve lengthwise and scoop out flesh, leaving a 1/4-inch shell.

Puree cottage cheese and egg yolk in a food processor. Add potato flesh, scallions, dill, salt and pepper; pulse until just blended. Mound filling into potato skins and place in a baking dish. Bake until heated through, 20 to 30 minutes.

Serves: 4
Exchanges: 1 Carb, ½ Extra Lean Protein

Bacon Wrapped Scallops from Ellipse Fitness

4 Ears Corn, husked
4 Slices Turkey Bacon
16 Large Sea Scallops
2 Medium Tomatoes, chopped
2 Ripe Nectarines, chopped
1/4 Cup Chopped Fresh Basil Leaves
2 Tbsp. Fresh Lemon Juice
Pinch Cayenne or Ground Red Pepper

Directions: Preheat grill on medium-high heat. Grill corn 10 minutes or until browned, turning. Meanwhile, on a microwaver-safe plate, place bacon between paper towels. Microwave on High 1 minute.

Press 4 scallops together, flat sides down, in single layer; wrap with 1 slice bacon. Insert skewer through overlapping ends of bacon, pressing through to other side of scallops. Repeat with remaining scallops and bacon. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp. black pepper on scallops. Grill, covered, 5-7 minutes or until just opaque throughout,turning once.

Cut kernals off cobs and place in large bowl. Stir in tomatoes, nectarines, basil, lemon juice cayenne, and 1/8 tsp. salt. Serve with scallops.

Serves 4
Exchanges: 2 Carbs, 3 Extra Lean Protein, 1 Fat

Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza from Ellipse Fitness

1 Stick Light String Cheese

1 Whole Wheat Pita

2 Oz. Cooked & Finely Chopped Skinless Chicken Breast
2 Cups Finely Chopped Romaine Lettuce
2 Tbsp. Finely Chopped Red Onion
1 Tbsp. Light Caesar Dressing
1 Tsp. Reduced-fat Parmesan-style Grated Topping

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray.

Break string cheese into thirds and place in a blender or food processor — blend at high speed until shredded. (Or pull into shreds and roughly chop.)

Lay pita on the baking sheet, and sprinkle with shredded string cheese and chicken. Bake until hot and lightly browned, 8 – 10 minutes.

Let pita cool, about 10 minutes. To make the salad, mix romaine and onion in a medium-large bowl. Toss with dressing. Top pita with salad and Parm-style topping.

Serves: 1
Exchanges: 2 Carbs, 5 Extra Lean Protein, 1 Fat

Ham & Cheese Egg Cups from Ellipse Fitness

  No-Stick Cooking Spray
6  Slices Light Whole Wheat Bread
1/4  Cup Sliced Green Onions
1-1/2  Cups Egg Beaters
1/4  Cup Minced Fully Cooked Lean Ham
1/4  Teaspoon kosher salt
1/8  Teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4  Cup Reduced-fat Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Directions: Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray six 6-ounce custard large muffin cups with cooking spray.
Trim crusts from bread. Spray both sides of each bread slice with cooking spray. Place into prepared cups. Bake 11 to 13 minutes, or until toasted and lightly browned.
Meanwhile, spray medium nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Place over medium heat. Add green onion and cook for 1 minute. Pour in Egg Beaters; sprinkle ham, salt and pepper evenly over egg.
Cook, without stirring, until edges and bottom begin to set. Lift cooked part and gently scramble. Continue cooking until set. Remove from skillet and place equal amounts in bread cups. Sprinkle evenly with cheese. Let stand 2 minutes, or until cheese softens. Serve immediately.
Serves: 3 (2 muffin cups per serving)
Exchanges: 3 Extra Lean Protein, 1 Fat
1 Carb (if using Light Bread)