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Three Magic Words

3 Magic Words you can’t forget if you want to Rock Your Jeans!

Our Rock Your Jeans Challenge is off to a successful start at Ellipse Fitness heading into week three. One of the lessons we teach the Rock Your Jeans Challengers is to get rid of the junk that doesn’t support the goal in front of them!

“Thanks, I’ll pass”  These three words will be extremely powerful to your results and achieving the body you want.

Especially our weekends always seem to be focused on social food eating and driking–heck, I’m a Packer fan and it’s a home weekend!

We feel guilty passing on a treat when we visit someone’s house, or share in their tailgate potluck, so when offered a splurge we weren’t planning on, we give in…and the downward spiral begins.

But you can do it!  You can have a GREAT weekend and reap the rewards of your hard work all week!

So here we go…

Repeat after me – Thanks, I’ll pass.

You got it?  Try it again, louder and with conviction…THANKS, I’LL PASS.

Have a great weekend and remember to use these three powerful words and take responsibility for your own body and your great results!


Train hard and stay focused on your goals!