More than just classes, Ellipse Fitness Special Programs are designed to help you reach your fitness goals in the least amount of time by offering the kinds of workout activities you enjoy doing the most. All in a motivating and supportive group environment.

Boot Camp

Ellipse Boot Camp is a short, high intensity, body transformation program that will appeal to people looking for fast full-body results, to break through a plateau or step out of a comfort zone. Suitable for most fitness levels, Boot Camp will challenge every body with a combination of:

  • Power Kickboxing
  • Interval & Circuit Training
  • Muscle Building Movements
  • Plyometrics
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Weight Loss Coaching

Our coaches are specifically trained to assist every person in the session, provide detailed instruction, and challenge and motivate members for the ultimate workout experience.

Results in 42

Ellipse Results in 42 is a committed 6-week program designed to help people get visible results in a short time frame. Offered throughout the year, this custom program is ideal for people who:

  • Are new to exercising or have not been exercising regularly and need guidance and motivation.
  • Are looking for fast results without a long term commitment.
  • Exercise regularly but need a change in routine to eliminate a plateau and reinvigorate their program.
  • Exercise regularly but are not getting the results they want.

Results in 42 is customized according to each participant’s fitness level, health history and specific goals. All programs are created and delivered by certified fitness professionals to achieve optimal results, safely in the shortest time.


Evolve is a 12-week program designed specifically for individuals struggling with their weight and regular exercise. Evolve is an excellent program for those with limited to no fitness experience as it involves customized workouts, nutritional guidance and emotional support to keep clients motivated to achieve their goals.


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