A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail! (Holiday Version)

A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail! (Holiday Version)

A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail

This is one of our favorite aphorisms here at Ellipse Fitness that we find ourselves continuously coming back to! This time of year there is plenty of planning to go around: planning festivities or parties, planning travel, planning shopping.

It is very important that you put at least a minimal amount of work to help you plan for your health and wellness this holiday season as well! Otherwise you might find yourself jumping in with the sea of New Year’s Resolution gym-goers storming gym doors everywhere come 2018!

Plan Your Indulgences!

Plan to eat healthy whenever you can during this busy season! Not only will you find yourself less likely to eat mindless calories, you can plan for indulgences and not deal with the guilt of over-eating! Keep in mind that celebrations are really about family and friends, joy and love, peace and goodwill to man! Food is secondary.

Plan Your Workouts!

Book your sessions out NOW and hold to this appointment with yourself. It will be all too easy to unbook and say tomorrow is another day. Treat it like you would that salon appointment you had to book out 3 months ago, a meeting with your boss to discuss a raise you are due, or night out with the oldest and best friends! Your workout will not only keep you headed toward your fitness goals but also help relieve some of the stress that can go along with the holidays.

Plan For The Holiday Feast!

It’s an old piece of conventional wisdom to only allow yourself one trip to the buffet spread, but also consider trying to ensure that no food touches any other food on your plate! Controlling the portion sizes of those holiday indulgences will make getting back on track that much easier!

Plan The Holiday Spirits!

Enjoy a glass of ice water several times throughout the day! Ice water upon waking tells your metabolism “it’s time to wake up”! Ice water before you leave for the party will help you have a feeling of fullness. Ice water between the spirits will cut down on the high calories of alcoholic beverages! (Not to mention dehydration is the leading cause of hangover after a night of drinks, drink up! H20 that is)

Plan For A Long Day

It’s easy to get caught up in running from one event to another; holiday shopping, decorating, and still trying to keep up with “business as usual”. PLAN for the cases you may not get to that lunch or dinner you had prepped. Keep a stash of longer shelf life, but healthy, snacks. With the cold weather here, it’s easy to store nuts, seeds, dried fruit, Rx Bars, jerky, and more in your car, purse, or coat pocket. Plan for success!

Plan To Be Kind!

To YOURSELF! Don’t beat yourself up or give up, based on one incident! Get back on track; life isn’t a perfect circle! You’re going to go off track or mismanage a perfectly planned evening. Get over it! Wake up, drink your ice water, get to the gym and MOVE ON!

What do you want most out of this holiday season?? Fun, family, friends and happiness? Or an aching belly, bloating, and the weight of guilt from too much indulgence?

Check out last week’s blog post for some tips, tricks and recipes to help with your planning!

Give thanks and be merry!

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