Fitness Tip: TRX Overhead Back Extension

Fitness Tip: TRX Overhead Back Extension

TRX Suspension Training was initially created by Navy Seal, Randy Hedrick, by using the straps of his parachute to train overseas.
The TRX is:
1. Scale able to accommodate all fitness levels.
2. Trains in 3-D to work all planes of motion.
3. Displaces the center of gravity thereby activating the core in all moves.
The TRX Overhead Back Extension integrates hip, back, shoulder and core strength simultaneously.
1. Adjust the TRX straps to mid length.
2. Hold the handles straight above the head palms facing forward and arms straight and next to the ears.
3. Keeping the head between the arms, hinge back at the hips and roll onto the heels as you drop into an ā€œLā€ position.
4. Drive the hips forward and return to your starting position.

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