Fitness Tip of the Week: Dumbbell Bridge Chest Press

Fitness Tip of the Week: Dumbbell Bridge Chest Press

The Bridge Chest Press is a combination strength move engaging the core and targeting primarily the Pectorals and Gluteal muscles.  As with any combination lifting, the Bridge Chest Press burns more calories than a chest press alone due to the additional contraction of the core and lower body muscles. 

1.    Lay supine (on your back), with feet on the floor and knees pointing to the ceiling. 

2.   Hold dumbbells in both hands (pronated grip), even with your chest and with elbows bent at 90 degrees. 

3.   Lift your hips up and contract your glutes to form a straight line from abs to knees. 

4.   Keeping your hips up, exhale as you bring the dumbbells up and in slightly over your chest, then back down to their starting position.  Head, neck, shoulders and feet remain on the floor and provide a solid base to lift medium to heavy dumbbells and build muscle mass.


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