Core: Spiderman Forearm Plank

Core: Spiderman Forearm Plank

You may not be scaling skyscrapers with this move, but you will be burning more calories while doing the Spiderman forearm plank than any other isolated core move.  Why?  Because the Spiderman Forearm Plank incorporates more muscles, and more engaged muscles means more energy consumed and more calories burned for fuel.  In addition the Spiderman forearm plank works both the six pack abs, and the waistline (obliques), firming up the entire muffin top in one fluid movement.

Begin in a forearm plank position.  Turn your right knee out and bring it towards your right elbow.  Then return your leg to its original position and repeat with the opposite leg. 

Spiderman your way to a great calorie burn and flat abs today!

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