Flatten Your Belly! – TRX Tuck, Pike and Push Up

Flatten Your Belly! – TRX Tuck, Pike and Push Up

Hey guys, this is a GREAT move to strengthen the core and flatten that belly!  Here’s how you do it:)

TRX Suspension System:  Tuck, Pike and Push Up

  1. Place both feet in the straps of the TRX, and hands in a plank position on the floor (shoulders above wrists).
  2. Begin with your hips level with your shoulders, and your head and neck in a neutral position in line with your spine.
  3. Tuck:  bend your knees and bring them in towards your chest, then extend and straighten the legs to their original starting position.
  4. Pike:  lift hips to ceiling keeping legs straight, then return to original plank position.


Muscles worked:  Core and deltoids, or alternate with a push up to work the pectorals and triceps in addition.

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