Ellipse Fitness Appleton West Announces New Training Center

Ellipse Fitness Appleton West Announces New Training Center


August 27, 2013

Ellipse Fitness Appleton West Announces New Training Center

Appleton, WI. – Ellipse Fitness Appleton West is expanding and will open a new training center in September 2013.  The new training center will be adjacent to the current large group exercise studio at 1200 N. Mayflower Drive, Appleton, WI.

According to Ellipse Fitness President Lisa Welko:

“Eleven years ago we changed the way fitness is done by doing all classes all the time.  We are now changing the way fitness is done again by offering personal training at an affordable rate.  I’m excited to offer another way for people to make fitness a part of their healthy lifestyle.”

Scheduled training center hours are 5:00am – 7:00pm.  Personal training services include customized programs, guidance and access to large group fitness classes.


About Ellipse Fitness

Founded in 2002, Ellipse Fitness is a classes only fitness and nutrition franchise specializing in providing regularly scheduled group exercise classes and nutrition programs for our members. Our proprietary workout programs emphasize functional movement, cardiovascular training, building core strength and increasing lean muscle mass.  For information on programs and locations please visit ellipsefitness.com.  For information about owning an Ellipse Fitness franchise please visit ellipsefitnessfranchise.com.

###For More Information, Contact:

Todd Weiss

Ellipse Fitness

Phone: 866-934-7167

Email: info@ellipsefitness.com

Kettlebell: Seated Halo/Chop

Want to combine upper body and core strength with one effective and fun move? Try the Seated Halo/Chop!

Start sitting on mat with legs extended forward and knees slightly bent. Grap the Kettlebell by the horns and beginning at the left hip, bring it up towards the right shoulder, around the back of the head and to the right hip. Then reverse directions!
Not only will you be working the upper body (pectorials, deltoids, triceps and trapezious) , but you’ll be engaging the core the entire time and breaking up any scar tissue in the deltoids, as well!

Perfect Plan? No Such Thing…

One of the major blocks to body change is the idea that there is a perfect plan for you and all that is required is to diligently follow that plan without deviation. Since when do things in life go exactly according to plan?

The only certainty in life is that things are not certain and are going to change. The name Ellipse Fitness comes from the fact that “Life isn’t a Perfect Circle, it’s an ellipse!  If you want to succeed you should be planning for change not certainty. This is why rigidly defined plans do not work, because they can’t accommodate the uncertainty of daily living. People say failing to plan is planning to fail, but this is only true if your plan has built in flexibility.

What good is a plan if it only works when conditions are perfect? If you want a system that works, switch from structured plans to flexible blueprints. This gives you “structured flexibility” and allows you to adapt with your circumstances. This allows you to build lifestyles that fit, not diets that don’t.  Did you see the recent article by David Berreby?  It’s a long article, but it really talks about the reason for America’s obesity epidemic.

Ellipse Fitness is currently scheduling FREE 30-45 minute strategy sessions to help our guests determine the right path to help them reach their fitness and weight loss milestones.  If this sounds like something you’d like to schedule before our September rush when these spots fill up FAST, please call our office this week. We’ll get you started with a FREE session and a FREE class so you’ll be rocking those jeans when Fall rolls around!

Kettlebell Halo Chop with Pivot

Want to combine full body strength with effective cardio in one fun move?  Try the Halo/Chop!

Start with feet slightly wider than hip with apart, and knees bent.  Grap the kettlebell beginning at the left hip, bring it up towards the right shoulder, around the back of the head, then pivot on your left foot as the kettlebell  comes to the right hip.  Then Reverse directions and pivot on the opposite foot!

Combining cardio and strength in one great move ensures that we preserve muscle while simultaneously burning fat!

Tone Up Those Arms! – TRX Squat/Bicep Curl!

Looking for a move that will burn big calories while simultaneously toning up those arms?  Try the TRX Squat/Bicep Curl!

Drop into a nice low squat with the help of the TRX and let those lower body muscles burn right through those calories.

Then turn your palms up and pull your fists to your ears as you drive out of that squat straight into a bicep curl, toning up those summer arms.

Best of all, the TRX engages the core the entire time while working both upper and lower body in one fluid motion!

Please stop dieting!

Please stop dieting!

Everyone needs muscle. You need it to keep your metabolism as high as possible so you maximize fat burning.

Older folks, like our grandparents, need muscle for daily activities (from walking to gardening or even bike rides). It’s also important to be able to bend, stoop and move freely.

Young folks, like you and I, need muscle to look sexy. Because that’s what we do. We just sit around all day looking sexy, right? Tough life, I know. But hey, we’re good at it!

—Anyway, there are a few factors in avoiding muscle loss.

First, you must lift weights with the right amount of intensity and volume.

Another factor, dieting, is where most people go wrong (unless they are doing too much steady state cardio – that’s the big exercise no-no, of course).

So what’s the best diet to use?

One where you cut your calories every day? Or one that allows you to eat healthfully seven days per week?
Does the best diet demand that you eat obsessively and compulsively? Or can you just eat like a normal human being?

The good news is that you can eat normal healthy foods and just pay some extra attention to your protein intake and you can keep your metabolism rev’d up 24/7!

Questions? Give us a call or send an email – www.ellipsefitness.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Flatten Your Belly! – TRX Tuck, Pike and Push Up

Hey guys, this is a GREAT move to strengthen the core and flatten that belly!  Here’s how you do it:)

TRX Suspension System:  Tuck, Pike and Push Up

  1. Place both feet in the straps of the TRX, and hands in a plank position on the floor (shoulders above wrists).
  2. Begin with your hips level with your shoulders, and your head and neck in a neutral position in line with your spine.
  3. Tuck:  bend your knees and bring them in towards your chest, then extend and straighten the legs to their original starting position.
  4. Pike:  lift hips to ceiling keeping legs straight, then return to original plank position.


Muscles worked:  Core and deltoids, or alternate with a push up to work the pectorals and triceps in addition.

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