Ellipse Fitness Promotes “Heart Health Workout”

Ellipse Fitness Promotes “Heart Health Workout”


Ellipse Fitness Promotes “Heart Health Workout”

Appleton, WI. – February 5, 2013 – In the spirit of the Valentine’s Day season, Ellipse Fitness is placing special emphasis on heart disease. Their “Heart Healthy Workout” is something that can be done either in a fitness center or at home. The workout is a simple quick circuit that while easy to follow, can be challenging depending on both the intensity and number of times the circuit is repeated.

Each exercise should be performed for 1 minute and followed by a 30 to 60 second rest intervals before starting the next exercise. Repeat the circuit 5x to 8x for optimum results.

Ellipse Fitness Heart Health Workout

1. Alternating Step Back Lunges – 1 Minute
*Improves balance, joint flexibility and lower muscle body strength

2. Jump Rope – (use a rope or modify and use an imaginary rope) – 1 Minute
*Involves every muscle in your body and elevates your heart rate

3. Push Ups – 1 Minute (done one knees or toes)
* Works all the muscles of the upper body, and forces the heart to work harder and pump blood faster

4. Stair Runs – (use high knees if you don’t have stairs to use)
* Increases lower body muscle tone and strengthens the heart and lungs which improves the body’s ability to use oxygen.*


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