Garbage Stir Fry

Garbage Stir Fry

Garbage stir-fry!!! (a.k.a Clean out the fridge!!! (Recipe)


I came up with this “recipe” on a random/rainy Wednesday night, after the kids were all snuggled in bed—whew!  What a day!  As I looked into the fridge wondering, “What am I going to make tomorrow night for supper?”—it came to me!  “Garbage stir-fry!!!”  It’s such a great way to use up the miscellaneous veggies in your veggie drawer—so, so good for you, you can’t let them go to waste  🙂


I have some frozen chicken breast — get that out on the counter to defrost.  (you can use chicken tenders, pork tenderloin, steak, turkey breast, whatever you have in the freezer!)

I have some turkey kielbasa in the meat/cheese drawer in my fridge—check!  (this is a standard shopping list item)

I have:

1 tree of broccoli (cut into bit-size flowerettes)

1 half of a white onion (either chopped or sliced)

3 carrots (cut the same thickness as the broccoli)

½ a head of green cabbage (either sliced or chopped)

½ a package (so, about 1 cup) of mushrooms, sliced

1 yellow pepper (either sliced or chopped)


  1. Cut up the meat into bit-size pieces
  2. In a wok (or other large pan), spray non-stick agent.  Heat on Medium HIGH (you wanna SEAR the meat for great texture)
  3. Depending on how much meat you have, you might want to cook in intervals—you don’t want to crowd the pan 🙂
  4. After you finish each “round” of meat, place the cooked meat in a bowl, cover it with foil and start your next batch of meat in the pan.  (Each batch of meat takes about 5 minutes—remember bit-size pieces cook up QUICKLY on hot heat)
  5. While the meat is cooking, cut up all your veggies.  If you DO have mushrooms…put those in right before you serve it up—no one likes “mushy-mushrooms”
  6. Place all your veggies (well, I usually leave ½ the pepper and a carrot of two out – my daughter doesn’t like cooked peppers and carrots, she likes them “plain” (a.k.a “raw” J) into the pan.  Toss them around just to mix ‘em up and then place a cover on your pan (steam cooks veggies VERY nicely).
  7. When the carrots and broccoli still have a crunch to them, add the mushrooms, and add ALL the meat to the pan WITH the veggies.  Stir, stir, stir
  8. Place the cover on for 2 more minutes (just warming it all through)
  9. Plate up!!!


***You can definitely cook up some brown rice to serve with this.  My family is a HUGE fan of rye bread, so that’s our “starch” of choice


*This is SUCH a great recipe for the kids to help out with.  Typically, I am on one counter cutting up the meat and my kids are on the other counter cutting up the veggies (with their own cutting board and plastic knife).  If you get them involved, they will be so proud to present it at the table AND they are more likely to eat/try any new veggies you might toss in

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