A Three Legged Stool – The Beginning

A Three Legged Stool – The Beginning

Ten years ago I was a dental hygienist married to wonderful man, working part time and raising two young children. Along with living the American dream, I’d blossomed to a size 14 and couldn’t seem to get that one part of my life under control. Well, a friend told me about a class she had taken at a karate studio that was done as a group; involved some tubes and weights and kickboxing, and she’d dropped about 20 pounds.

I was hooked!

Along with the resistance training classes of tubing and body weight there were kickboxing classes to get my heart rate up and a simple food guide to follow. From Mother’s Day to Labor Day I dropped about 40 pounds!

What was it that finally worked? Was it the fact that I’d moved away from “steady state” aerobics classes and got my heart rate and cardio level up with kickboxing—which also created a demand on larger muscles? Was it the fact that two days a week we were using resistance tubing and weights and doing push ups, something I’d rarely tried? Or was it the fact that I FINALLY had adjusted my diet to be higher in lean protein and fruits and vegetables and started limiting my access to refined carbohydrates?

I think it was this. I’d discovered the secret to fat loss! I’d created The Perfect Storm! Exercise Right, Eat Right, Mindset Right! Weight loss and Fat Loss are like a 3 legged stool. When the three legs are evenly proportioned, your life is in balance, and you’ll see the weight come off. When one of those things are “off balance”—you’re in for an uphill battle.

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