The Secret Code of Success!

The Secret Code of Success!

I’m lucky enough to work with some of the leaders in the fitness business!  Trainers like Alwyn Cosgrove, Rachel Cosgrove, Nick Herold, Meika Louis -Pierre , Cecily Walker Rob and Shannon Yontz and countless others!  This is a great honor, but can be very overwhelming!  When you get these people into one room, like we were in this past January, there’s a LOT of “trainer talk” that truthfully, isn’t a language I speak fluently!  I prefer looking at fat loss and weight loss and helping our members from addressing mindset and learning from those who have gone before me.  One of my responsibilities is to take what I learn from these incredible trainers and adapt it to Ellipse Fitness—which is all group exercise programming!  I leave the specific work out development to the pros, and adjust and adapt for Ellipse Fitness!  Sometimes I wonder if I should get another certification, degree, etc…

Set A Goal!

However, Alwyn Cosgrove reminds me often about the turning point in his career.  He’s often quoted as saying the a high point in his career came when he realized that everything he needed to know about the fitness profession, training people and running a business was already out there.
  All he had to do was read it or listen to it. Then he started to invest in his education and never stopped.

Isn’t that GREAT news?!? I sure think so!  As long as I keep learning and not become closed minded about this industry, I can continue to learn and lead Ellipse in the right direction—WITHOUT needing to focus all my energy on one area, such as creating abdominal programming for fat loss, or body building for the elite athlete, etc!

I have to say, when it comes to classes and group exercise, Ellipse Fitness is definitely leading the industry!  When it’s time to find a success story, it’s a matter of walking out on the fitness deck and asking around!  There’s ALWAYS someone in class with a success story!  And generally, they’re going to point to a coach or even another member that inspired them!  Remember, having a coach or a mentor isn’t a weakness!

“All wealthy top achievers have coaches”
– James Malinchak

So it strikes me that that the team atmosphere could be a key to the success of our members!  It isn’t that the workouts are magical (although they’re AWESOME), or that the weight loss program is a new concept to the industry (it’s actually quite simple and practically guaranteed that when you stick to it, it WORKS!).  Perhaps the magic at Ellipse is in the coaching!

You see coaches help with a lot of things . Most goal setting programs work something like this (from the book: The Secret Code of Success):

1.           Set goals (know what you want and be specific)

2.           Take action towards your goals

3.           Evaluate the progress

4.           Adjust the path based on your evaluation

Take action on your goals!

So this week, I’m encouraging you to find a coach or mentor, someone who has walked in the path ahead of where you are and get accountable to them!

Discuss where you are on your path and plan a follow up!  These short term goals and follow ups can and will lead to long term success!  Let me know how you’re doing and who your coach is!  I’m excited to hear YOUR success story in the coming months!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shakes

Q:  Ever wonder why most people say “I LOVE CHOCOLATE”?

A:  Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, compounds that provide a mental boost, and phenylethylamine, or PEA,

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake

which stimulates the nervous system, increases blood pressure and heart rate, and is suspected to produce similar feelings experienced when a person is “in love.”  Hence the feeling of LOVE – when you eat chocolate!  Be very careful…..a little is fine, but the whole box of heart shaped chocolates at one sitting is disaster!  This terrific recipe will give you your chocolate fix without the guilt!  Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day from Ellipse!


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shake

1 Scoop Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

½ Cup Fresh or frozen strawberries

½ Cup Water

½ Cup Non-fat Milk or Unsweetened Almond Milk

(Note:  You can use one full cup of water if you want to omit the ½ cup of milk)

½ Cup Crushed Ice


Directions:  Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!


Serves:  1

Exchanges:  1 Milk, 1 Fruit, 3 Extra Lean Proteins

The Decline Push Up

The push-up is a classic strength training move that emphasizes the chest and front of the shoulders but also activates most other large muscles groups as stabilizers while performing the move. A traditional push-up trains chest, biceps, triceps, abs, back, hips and thighs. We decided to take the traditional push-up and shake it up a bit by accentuating the upper fibers of the chest and increasing the activation of the anterior or front of the deltoids by doing a decline push-up.

To complete this move you simple place your feet on a step, chair, coffee table or whatever would put your body into a decline position. Place your hands just outside of the chest and perform a push-up. Make sure to squeeze your glutes to help support the low back and maintain a straight line with your body. Avoid letting your head lead the movement down and be sure to always look at the floor.

If your ready for the next step, try lifting one leg or taking your feet up to a higher position. This will be a great addition to your strength training and also help push you past certain plateaus when building and shaping muscles in the chest.

Be Safe And Happy Push-Uping!