What is your brick wall?

What is your brick wall?

I saw this clip and I thought of my life and my members and friends!  Please view it with an open heart!

What is your brick?  What is your wall?

Do you expect success overnight?  Success in weight loss, business, or life is usually a long fought battle.   This video reminds all of us to SLOW DOWN and remember that there is a FABULOUS thing called “work ethic” that can make a difference in our life and the lives of those around us.

Success is SYSTEMATIC!

SYSTEM is described as:

Saving YourSelf Time, Energy & Money

Do you have a proven system?  Guess what?!!?  You don’t need to be an original thinker when it comes to this.  That’s the beauty of a franchise, a program or even a routine that gets you where you want to go!  Obviously, I believe in systems, I created a franchise…BUT, I also rely on systems…weight loss programs, running schedules, mentors and mastermind colleagues, that encourage and challenge and motivate me to be better with them, and then I would be creating my own path.

My challenge to you this week is to lay that perfect brick.  Lay out your plan and BEGIN! It’s very funny, because as a typical entrepreneur, I tend to think things about 80% of the way through and occasionally that will drive my staff or my family a little nutso….but I believe in starting the snowball down the hill. It will grow and EVOLVE and change, depending on what lays in the path ahead, however…if you’re afraid to start…you may always be waiting for the perfect scenario…and friends…there isn’t one.  Sometimes you just need to have FAITH and GET STARTED.

So…choose your brick, lay it, and choose another.  Please keep me posted on your progress; I look forward to hearing about your walls of success!

Chicken and Shrimp Kabobs by Ellipse Fitness

Hi Everyone,

  What a better way to use all those fresh vegetables from your own garden or from your local Farmer’s market than this yummy kabob recipe!  Not only is it fresh and delicious, it is packed with protein to keep your cookout nutritious!  The marinade that is used is very light and will not add unwanted calories and fat to your meal!

Chicken and Shrimp Kabobs

1     Lb. chicken breasts, cubed

15-20 Shrimp

3     Small zucchini, each cut into 4 pieces

1     Large onion, cut into 12 wedges

12    Large fresh mushroom caps

2     Bell peppers, cut into 2-inch pieces

9     Cherry tomatoes


1 1/2 Tsp. fresh chives, chopped

1 1/2 Tsp. fresh dill weed, chopped

1/4   Tsp. garlic salt

1/4   Tsp. lemon juice

Directions:  Alternate chicken and shrimp with the veggies on the kabob sticks.  Baste mixture over kabobs.  Grill 10-15 minutes.  Baste again, if necessary.

Serves:  3-4

Total Calories: 259   Carb=22g Prot=40g Fat=3.4g

Ellipse Tip:  Use any fresh veggies from your garden as the vegetables mentioned in the recipe are for suggestion only.  Want a bit more zest?  Marinate your vegetables and meat in the baste for a hour in the refrigerator before cooking to seal in the flavor!