Success is now here!!!

How do you process information? Do you see success in all things? What do you see?

After completing a personality survey this week I’ve learned something new about myself. As it turns out, I’m an optimist! Who would’ve thought? Certainly not my friends, who see me as a pragmatic problem solver! Yes, I see the forest for the trees. I think fast and want change fast. Am I a bandwagon hopper? No—but, if opportunity knocks, I’m answering! That’s right! To the dismay of my staff and my team, sometimes when a conversation takes a turn, I say….KEEP TURNING, because THAT’S WHEN CREATIVITY FLOWS!

My unofficial job description is “Pot stirrer”—SO funny, but true… I have a great team of professionals that find this not so funny! But I’ve made it my life’s work to surround myself by people smarter and more gifted than I am. I work with people who are impeccably organized (I am fair), people who are extremely fit (I am envious), those that know science behind fitness and nutrition (I read their books and attend their seminars), those that know accounting and taxes and legal terminology (I envy you).

So… what did you see in the statement above? I saw SUCCESS IS NOW HERE.


It’s time to change your mindset. We are all presented with the same information and sometimes it depends on how you process it. For example, our new AMP’D program is VERY strength intense. It is dependent on science that proves that muscles burn fat and increase your metabolism and your result long term will be fantastic. Yet old school thinking says you need cardio to lose weight.

Friends, change your mind set. Muscle, over the long term will change your metabolism and help you keep the weight you’ve lost off. Science is on my side. SUCCESS IS NOW HERE. Does it matter what you eat? Does it matter when, how much, calories, fitness, genetics, etc.? Yes, it still does. However… choose success!

Choose to embrace change and to embrace a concept that will work for you. Ellipse Fitness may not be the answer for everyone but I sincerely believe it’s the answer for many.

Friends, that’s my mindset. SUCCESS IS NOW HERE. No more excuses. See your goals, but make them your vision. See yourself where you want to be. Successful at fitness, successful at business, successful at the business of fitness or the business of life. You have the answers or they’re close at hand. It’s time to listen and focus and stop making excuses. It’s time for success…now.

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