Ellipse Fitness President Featured on Morning Blend

Ellipse Fitness President Featured on Morning Blend

Ellipse Fitness President, Lisa Welko, Featured on Milwaukee’s Morning Blend

Lisa Welko, President Ellipse Fitness

Milwaukee, WI. – Lisa Welko, President of Ellipse Fitness recently shared Ellipse’s “Five Tips for Fat Loss and Staying in Shape” on The Morning Blend on Today’s TMJ4 in Milwaukee, WI. During the show Welko provided helpful educational tips to help people establish a regular exercise routine as well as healthy eating habits. The purpose was to help people learn importance of balancing strength training, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition when they make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. She also discussed the importance of having a plan and seeking advice from professionals for people who have never exercised on a regular basis. Another interesting aspect stressed is accountability and making a commitment to yourself. According to Welko:

“It’s very important to educate yourself on what you need to do to achieve your objectives. You don’t want to guess and/or not have a plan. If you have never exercised before it’s well worth the effort to work with a professional. They can teach you what you need to do and how to do it. They can also keep you motivated and accountable. This leads to better results and can help you achieve both your short and long term goals.”

The five tips that Welko discussed were:

1. Nutrition must be combined with exercise – Learning how to eat the right foods at the right time is 80% of equation. Your body needs nutrients, especially when you’re exercising. Getting the right balance will significant expedite fat loss and achieve results faster.

2. Strength training is key – More muscle means a higher metabolism. You can eat more because your body needs more energy. Muscle takes up less space than fat. Don’t be afraid to lift weights. It’s the most important part of being fit. Increased muscle can also reduce injuries, increase bone density and help you in your everyday life.

3. Accountability to you – You can’t make a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle for someone else. It’s a conscious decision to be made by you, for you. Make the commitment and live up to it.

4. Be safe, don’t guess – Having a plan is the key to successful results. If you’re new to fitness, and/or have questions seek advice from a professional. Having a Fitness Coach can help you make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and safely. This reduces the risk of injury and more importantly, provides tips so you are going about the process in the right way.

5. Schedule your workouts – Incorporate exercise into your weekly routine. Think of it as part of your day. Look at your schedule and find a time that’s convenient. Everyone needs to exercise. Set a time and make the commitment. You can do it.

If you are interested in watching the segment you can see it by visiting The Morning Blend website www.themorningblend.com.

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