Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

24  Cherry Tomatoes
2   Cups Low-fat or Fat-free cottage cheese
4   Tbsp. Salsa
1   Packet of Starkist Mango Chipolte Salmon

Wash, remove stems, and cut out insides of all 24 cherry tomatoes.  Turn all tomatoes upside down on a paper towel to dry while mixing other ingredients.

Whip 2 cups of cottage cheese in your blender.  When completed purated, add 4 tbsp. of salsa, and 1 packet of Salmon to mixture. Spoon these ingredients together.  Evenly disperse mixture into the 24 cherry tomatoes!

Serves 6 (4 tomatoes per serving)
Total Calories: 95   Carb=9.2g Prot=14g Fat=0.71g

TIP:  This is a delicious appetizer to take to a summer party.  Arrange the tomatoes on a bed of romaine lettuce leaves in a circular dish.  Cut celery and carrot sticks and place around the perimeter of the 24 tomatoes!

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