Faux Cheesecake Filled Wontons!

Faux Cheesecake Filled Wontons!

24  Wonton Wrappers
1   Cup of Fat Free Cottage Cheese
1   Package of Sugar Free Cheesecake flavored pudding mix
1/2 Cup Blueberries

Directions:  Press 24 wonton wrappers into mini muffin pans and bake at 350 degrees until wrappers are slightly browned.  Remove from oven and cool wrappers.  Purate cottage cheese in blender or food processor, add package of sugar free pudding mix, and stir together.  Once wrappers are cooled, fill cottage cheese/pudding mixture into wrappers and top with fresh berry!  SO YUMMY!!  Tastes just like cheesecake!

Serves:  6 (4 per serving)
Total Calories: 125   Carb=25g Prot=5.9g Fat=0.31g

Tiffany’s Tip:  This is a terrific party appetizer!  The filling also works great as a snack on Quaker Caramel Rice Cakes, and is a terrific way to get in your protein!!!  Give it a try….you will love this!

Let’s Get Physical!!!

I’ve been in the fitness business for 10 years and was an avid exercise nut for many years before I made health and wellness my professional and personal life choice.  I remember the leg warmers and sweatbands of the 1980’s (and have even dressed in my “aerobics” best for a recent Halloween party!), step, hi/low, freestyle, memorized choreography and doing my hair and makeup before I went to class… Viva Olivia

A Positive Evolution: It’s exciting and amazing to see how fitness programming and the industry have evolved.  We want better results in less time in a cost effective way.  A large part of the United States population continues to age while wanting to stay fit.  Kids are participating at a higher level and specializing in one sport at a young age.  How is the fitness industry answering the call for change?

Time Conscious Workouts: Shorter yet higher-intensity workouts will be more appealing to those with busy schedules because they can reap significant fitness rewards with relatively minimal time investment.  Boot camp and circuit training will continue to be popular.  Both are a great way to burn a large number of calories while improving your strength!

Functional Training: This is a trend toward using strength training to improve balance and ease of daily living.   Functional training workouts will increase in variety, including popular suspension training tools such as TRX.  The portability and time-efficiency of these workouts will appeal to people looking to stay fit at home, the office, the gym or while traveling.

Older Population: Programming for aging adults will remain a strong trend next year. This group recognizes the benefits they receive from regular exercise participation, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to maintaining one’s functional independence and overall wellbeing.

Kids: Student athletes are incorporating training into their off-season in order to stay in top shape for their sport of choice.

I’m excited about the trends in the industry.  We are meeting the needs of a broad group of people, not just specializing in one target market.  Health and fitness is a lifestyle choice!

Quick and Easy Breakfast Muffins by Ellipse Fitness

Hi Everyone, I made these delicious muffins this morning and served it with a cup of cottage cheese and fresh fruit!  They are very moist because of the applesauce and a great way to get a fulfilling carbohydrate to give you tons of energy!

1   Cup Oatmeal
1/2 Cup Egg Beaters
1   Cup Unsweetened applesauce
1   Tsp. Baking Soda

Mix all ingredients together and pour into six muffin cups.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  Also add a little flavoring of your choice such as vanilla.  They should be completely cool before removing from the muffin cups.

Serves: 3 (2 Muffins/serving)

Total Calories: 152   Carb=27g Prot=8.2g Fat=1.6g

Tiffany’s Tip:  If you want to add a little dab of sugar free jam to to the muffin, it would be a great addition, verses smearing it with butter!

Busy-ness vs. Wellness: You’re working too hard!

You can’t stop what you are doing to smell the roses, plan a healthy dinner, cook, exercise, etc. You are “way too busy for that.” Who will get the kids where they need to be, pay bills, cut the grass, put away the laundry. No one else is going to do it. Right? Of course they are not going to do it. You are absolutely correct. There are two key elements, or secrets even, to getting others to do more work so you don’t have to do it all. No one will do any work to help you unless YOU ASK THEM to do it. Want to know the other secret to getting those around you to work harder? Shhh…don’t tell anyone…ready? YOU HAVE TO STOP DOING IT! If you always do it, why would anyone else EVER do it? They don’t care how much you gripe and moan so long as it gets done.
Chances are you are doing work that is not yours to do. You are probably running yourself ragged so that your kids can play video games or watch tv “until it’s time to go.” You are most likely getting everything ready for everything so all anyone else has to do is pick up their fork or their car keys. What is that doing to your nutrition, fitness, stress levels, marriage, and overall wellness?  What is it doing to those around you?  You’re not really helping anyone.
A good business owner knows that training your staff must happen on a regular basis. It increases productivity, morale, and personal satisfaction. A good fitness instructor/trainer knows that training your body must happen on a regular basis as well. Working particular groups of muscles while others rest, repair, and gain strength. Don’t these traits apply to all individuals no matter their line of work, birth order, or marital status?
If you didn’t know it before, you know it now. Practice it. Train others. Set that example. We are all required to teach and share what we learn. It will increase your productivity, morale, personal satisfaction, and wellness.

Summertime Tomato Salad by Ellipse Fitness

Hi Everyone,  I made this recipe last night for a backyard BBQ party and it was a total hit, so I had to share it with you right away!!

1   Pound of Cherry or grape tomatoes (4 cups)

1   Large cucumber, peeled, halved lengthwise & chopped


2   Large celery stalks, halved lenthwise & chopped

(About 1 1/4 cups)

1   Large Green Bell Pepper, cored & chopped

(About 1 1/4 cups)

1   Small Red Onion, chopped (About 1/2 cup)

1   Garlic Clove, minced

1   Tbsp. Olive Oil

1   Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce

1   Tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar

1   Tsp. Lemon Juice

1   Tsp. Salt

1/2 Tsp. Ground Black Pepper

Several dashes of red pepper sauce, like Tabasco

Directions:  Mix all ingredients in a large serving bowl, toss well, and serve!

Servings = 6

Tip:  If you make this salad in advance, wait to add the Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, and salt until you are ready to serve so that the vegetables do not get mushy.  You can make this as spicy as you want by adding the Tabasco!!  ALSO – THIS WOULD BE A GREAT GARNISH OVER GRILLED OR BAKED FISH!

Total Calories: 66   Carb=11g Prot=1.7g Fat=2.8g

Fresh Fruit Dip by Ellipse Fitness

1   Cup Chobani Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt
1/4 Cup Unsweetened Applesauce
2   Pkg. Artificial Sweetner
1/2 Tsp. Vanilla
1/8 Tsp. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, or Ginger
3   Cups Assorted Fruit

Combine all ingredients except fruit; let set several hours or overnight.  To serve, spear fruit with toothpick and dip!

Serves 6
Approx. Total Calories: 56   Carb=9.6g Prot=4.3g Fat=0.24g

TIP:  This dip is great served wtih your fruit displayed as a ka-bob on a long wood ka-bob stick!!

“One Little Rose”

I would rather have one little rose
from a garden of a friend
than to have the choicest flowers
when my stay on earth must end

I would rather have one pleasant word
in kindness said to me
than flattery when my heart is still
and life has ceased to be

I would rather have a loving smile
from friends I know are TRUE
than tears shed around my casket
when I bid this world adieu

bring all your flowers today
whether pink or white or red
I’d rather have one blossom now
than a basketful when I’m dead….author unknown

The first time I read this poem, I was a little girl. It has made a strong impression on me. In times of great emotion, I often pull out the tattered copy to lament on other times. I’ve made a resolution to recall only times of elation, thanksgiving, and peace.

I dedicate this to all my friends and future friends struggling right now. You may not be able to control the ‘weight of your load. You can only control the strength of your back.’

Be strong! Live for today, and never look back except on times of happiness, thanksgiving, or peace.

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

24  Cherry Tomatoes
2   Cups Low-fat or Fat-free cottage cheese
4   Tbsp. Salsa
1   Packet of Starkist Mango Chipolte Salmon

Wash, remove stems, and cut out insides of all 24 cherry tomatoes.  Turn all tomatoes upside down on a paper towel to dry while mixing other ingredients.

Whip 2 cups of cottage cheese in your blender.  When completed purated, add 4 tbsp. of salsa, and 1 packet of Salmon to mixture. Spoon these ingredients together.  Evenly disperse mixture into the 24 cherry tomatoes!

Serves 6 (4 tomatoes per serving)
Total Calories: 95   Carb=9.2g Prot=14g Fat=0.71g

TIP:  This is a delicious appetizer to take to a summer party.  Arrange the tomatoes on a bed of romaine lettuce leaves in a circular dish.  Cut celery and carrot sticks and place around the perimeter of the 24 tomatoes!

Asian Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups by Ellipse Fitness

Hi Everyone ~

Here is a new YUMMY summertime recipe for you to add to your collection!

3-4     Small Chicken Breasts
1 cup  Shredded Carrots
1 can  (8 oz.) Sliced Water Chestnuts (halved)
6        Scallions, diagonally sliced
1/4     Cup of Greek Yogurt
1/4     Cup of Asian Salad Dressing
1        Head of Bostom Lettuce, separated into leaves
GARNISH:  Hot pepper flakes (like Mrs. Dash – Extra Spicy)

Directions:  Thouroughly cook chicken breasts and then shred the chicken into bite-size pieces.  Place the chicken in a bowl with the carrots, water chestnuts, & scallions.

In a small bowl, whisk yogurt with salad dressing, and then toss this with the chicken mixture.

Spoon into lettuce leaves and sprinkle with hot pepper flakes if desired.

Note:  Serves 4.  Approximate Nutrition info per serving = 227 calories, 20 carbs, 31 grams protein, & 3.5 grams of fat.

Tips:  I like the Kraft Asian Toasted Sesame Reduced Fat Dressing!!  Also, the Chobani Plain Fat-Free Greek yogurt offers the best consistency for this recipe.

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