People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing! Dale Carnegie

LOVE this quote! Life is FUN, isn’t it!?! Do you think so? Really?  Sometimes I DON’T think so…and usually, that’s when problems occur.

I think working out is FUN!  I like to sweat and burn calories and I especially love those darn kettle bells, even though I’m extremely challenged by them!  I have succeeded in finding a work out that I enjoy!  For that, I actually feel lucky!  What if I didn’t like it and it was a challenge EVERY DAY to workout for an hour?  Instead, I look forward to that time for me!

BUT, I DON’T enjoy cooking.  For me, it is not Fun.  It is work. Which means…I don’t feel successful when I cook.  SO–I’m turning over a new leaf and I’m going to try cooking with a new attitude! Perhaps with my children involved, as so many experts suggest.  Maybe I’ll attempt to embrace 2 new recipes found on the new website and give a full report to my Ellipse classes so i can be accountable? HMMMM….What do you suggest?

Do you have a challenge that could possibly be conquered just by changing your attitude?  Please share it, I’d love to hear your challenges BUT especially your solutions!

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