Determine YOUR Scale

Determine YOUR Scale

Last week, I ended my blog with a reference to the word scale.  Scales and measurements seem to carry negativity with their titles.  Scales, measuring tapes, body fat devices, accounting reports, and statistics are brutally honest tools that allow you to track your progress.  Progress needs to be tracked!  How will you ever know where you are going or how to improve?  Progress, or lack thereof, needs to be brutally honest in fitness, nutrition, sports, careers and relationships.

Apply this advice to all areas of your life.  Life is a challenge with many benchmarks and milestones on your scale.  What happens once you reach a specific goal?  Is the season over?  Are you finished?  You are just beginning my friends.  Track your progress, be honest, and stay focused. Just don’t allow your focus to crowd out new ideas.  After all, who creates your scale?  YOU do.

Do you leave the house without a map on a road trip? Do you return report cards to school without opening the envelope?  Do you avoid the scoreboard at a sporting event?  Do you expect to get a raise without a performance evaluation?  You know the answer.

Schedule your evaluation today, track your progress, pay attention to the scale that YOU set, and enjoy your success.

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Today as I was sitting at my office, I realized that it is a year now since I have joined Ellipse! When I reflect back to a year ago, there are so many things that I have learned. I remember walking in the doors of Ellipse thinking that I was going to take a Zumba class and that would be the end of my Ellipse experience. Boy was I wrong!!! After attending one regular E-fit class, I rushed to the counter (about knocking Lisa over) and signed myself up. I really believe that this is where my TRUE story begins. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the E-Fit workout and Ellipse Nutrition Program that I really began to understand how to eat healthy and enjoy my workouts. The days of me running like a hamster on a wheel and guessing what is healthy to eat were OVER!!!

Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would go from sitting on the couch watching hours of TV and eating bags of chips to working out and instructing exercises classes within a year’s time. You see….anything is possible. However, when you want to achieve a goal and make a change, you have to shift your paradigm to ensure that you are ready to succeed. Are YOU ready to succeed? Are YOU ready to put YOUR plan to action? Are YOU ready to commit? Only you know the answer to those questions.

Now….let’s get down to it. Yup….weight loss is hard, but as you all know….maintenance is equally as difficult. There are days when I could literally go into my pantry, shut the door, and not come out until everything is gone! I am human and have cravings too! However, this year of “learning” has taught me countless lessons about how to control these cravings and/or get back on the wagon when I fall off. Here are some tips that have kept me on track:

1. I always work out at the same time every day. It keeps me consistent and in a routine!

2. Eat breakfast every day without fail. A healthy breakfast sets the tone for the rest of my day.

3. Plan…Plan…Plan! Planning your daily eating journal each day is essential to make sure that you follow the plan for the day!

4. I have a hard time opening a bag of chips or crackers and not eating the whole box. That makes me a 100 calorie pack/snack pack type of girl! If you know this is a hurdle….don’t buy numerous bags of something!

5. Soda just makes me crave more food, so I limit myself to 1 a week!

6. Oh….yeah….coffee! COFFEE!!! I now love coffee! Mmmmmm!!! When in doubt…drink coffee!

7. Plan ahead for a “fun (aka: cheat)” meal so that I thoroughly enjoy it and look at it as a treat and not a normality in my diet!

8. If I have a bad day, I do not go down the slippery slope of saying “I blew it…what’s the big deal at this point”! We have all been there, right? Nope….back in the saddle and making better choices the next day!

9. Invest time into yourself! It is amazing how refreshed you feel when you spend a little time on your health and wellness. Others enjoy being around you when you are in a better frame of mind as well!

10. Finally – calories in….calories out…’s the name of the game! If you over-eat… must exercise more. It’s just science. Probably why I was overweight…I didn’t really like science….LOL!

There is no better time than the present to make a commitment to yourself to take charge of your life and make the most of the years to come. You’ll be amazed at how many lives you’ll change when YOU start making good choices!!

Tiffany’s Tip: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Do not wait until 6:00 PM when you arrive home from work to decide what is for dinner! Have a plan of what is for dinner before you leave the house in the morning. This will eliminate you going out to eat because of a lack of a plan or eating a “boxed” meal out of the cupboard that is loaded with fat, preservatives, and sodium!

“Smart Girl” Daquiri and Margarita!

Smart Girl Margarita
Smart Girl Margarita
Crushed Ice
1 shot Tequila
1/2 Lime
1/2 Lemon
No Cal Kiwi Strawberry Sparkling Water

Insert Video Here
Smart Girl Strawberry Daquiri
2c ice
2c Diet Ginger Ale
1/2c White Rum (or vodka for a “martini”)
1 packet Crystal Lite Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade
Add Strawberries if available
Crush/Mix in a blender

Hot Day Treat by Ellipse Fitness

2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries

2 cups non-fat plain Greek yogurt

2 packets Splenda

1/4 cup mini chocolate chips

Puree raspberries, yogurt and Splenda to taste until smooth.  Divide mixture among freezer pop molds (or in paper cups); about 4-6 molds.  Evenly divide chocolate chips among molds.  Insert sticks and freeze for about 6 hours.  Little less than 80 calories a pop.

Protein Balls by Ellipse Fitness

1 1/2 cup Hi-Protein Cereal

2 scoops Any Whey Protein Powder

1/4 cup dried fruit

1/2 cup mini marshmallows

3 TBS honey

2 TBS peanut butter

Spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray.  Mix cereal, dried fruit, and protein powder.  Heat marshmallows, honey and peanut butter in a non-stick sauce pan over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth.  Pour mixture over cereal and mix all ingredients until evenly coated.  Wet your hands and shape in to 24 small balls.  Place on baking sheet and let set.

Four balls throughout the day make a great snack: 130 calories, 3g fat, 10g carbs, 10g protein.

You are NOT a Hamster!

You are not a Hamster!

This is actually on the wall at Ellipse Mayflower! What does this mean? It means if you do the same thing over and over you’ll get the same result. If that’s what you want, then cool, stay on that wheel and continue your path. If you need change…if you CRAVE change…if you MUST change…then, kids, ya gotta change something!

Weight Loss….I want to lose weight. OK, what did you do today to achieve that goal? Did you burn more calories then you ate? Did you drink more water then yesterday? Did you park twice as far away then you did two days ago? Did you leave the nuts and whipped cream off the sundae, or did you skip it altogether?

Muscle Definition…I want to tone up. OK, what did you do today to achieve that goal? Did you balance your protein with carbs to make sure you ate enough protein? Did you lift a little heavier weight in that bicep curl? Did you give kettlebell a try, hearing it burns fat and builds muscle at a SUPER high rate?

Business…I want to make more money. OK, what did you do today to achieve that goal? Did you introduce yourself to 5 people that could potentially boost your career? Are you reading a business building book and applying it on a daily basis? Did you approach your boss about your goals and ask for their help in getting to the next level? Own your own business? Is 80% of your work day spent trying to achieve your dream of profitability?

You are not a hamster! Take a different path and take the risk! What about working out? Have you tried something different? Maybe a K-Bell Class, Outdoor EDGE or AMP’D? There are many options in the community for yoga or a running group. Choose something this week that presents a challenge and conquer it! Need a challenge? We’re hosting a challenging outdoor workout at Ellipse Fitness Appleton (Mayflower Drive) on Sunday May 23rd at 5pm. Cost: FREE if you comment to ANY BLOG post on our website! Don’t want to comment? $5 if you “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @EllipseFitness. Otherwise $10! 🙂

If you’re not in the Appleton area, I bet you can find a challenge on Sunday! Go for a run, a hike, a walk…cook dinner from scratch! Grocery shop and only buy what’s on the list! Wow….that’s a challenge! Have a great weekend and I hope to see you Sunday. I can’t wait to meet you!

Congratulations Class of 2010!

It is graduation season.  Whether you are a graduate yourself or have a loved one graduating this May, you might be looking at graduation in many different ways.  For some, it is an ending, closure, completion, or pinnacle.  For others, it can be a springboard, stepping stone, or turning point.  For others still it can have a more negative meaning: an empty nest, loan payments, or a farewell to people and places that well-meaning plans just will not bring together again.

For now, graduates and parents, look on the positive, powerful side of things. This is a moment in your life to admire with pride, humility, and hope. Be proud of your accomplishments, sacrifices, and education. Be humbled by your work. Be hopeful for your future. “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss.

The true definition of graduation: (according to “to divide into or mark with degrees or other divisions, as the scale of a thermometer.” It is not an ending. It is not completion. It is merely divisions on a scale. Interesting. Scale? We will need to define that next time…


People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing! Dale Carnegie

LOVE this quote! Life is FUN, isn’t it!?! Do you think so? Really?  Sometimes I DON’T think so…and usually, that’s when problems occur.

I think working out is FUN!  I like to sweat and burn calories and I especially love those darn kettle bells, even though I’m extremely challenged by them!  I have succeeded in finding a work out that I enjoy!  For that, I actually feel lucky!  What if I didn’t like it and it was a challenge EVERY DAY to workout for an hour?  Instead, I look forward to that time for me!

BUT, I DON’T enjoy cooking.  For me, it is not Fun.  It is work. Which means…I don’t feel successful when I cook.  SO–I’m turning over a new leaf and I’m going to try cooking with a new attitude! Perhaps with my children involved, as so many experts suggest.  Maybe I’ll attempt to embrace 2 new recipes found on the new website and give a full report to my Ellipse classes so i can be accountable? HMMMM….What do you suggest?

Do you have a challenge that could possibly be conquered just by changing your attitude?  Please share it, I’d love to hear your challenges BUT especially your solutions!


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Victor Frankl

Once again, choose how this applies to your life and take action!  Where do your challenges lie?  Business? Weight? Relationships?

Perhaps a great event affected your long term plan?  Obstacles will get in the way of your reward.  How will you handle that?  Is the obstacle big enough to move or is it something you’ll need to work around or through?  It may mean that your accomplishment will be delayed or postponed.  Do you have the patience?  Do you have the perseverance to see past the short term problem and find a long term solution?

Think in simple terms and take small steps.  You have a fabulous opportunity to solve a problem and reach a goal!  Embrace the challenge head on and focus on the small accomplishments along the way.  That person who is standing next to you that lost 100 pounds lost them 1 at a time.  So whether you want to lose 1 or 100–we all lose them 1 at a time.  Celebrate each accomplishment on your way to the final goal!

Take my breath away

This quote by an unknown author makes my head spin.  I can apply it to so many different aspects of life.  I consider that one of my skills…being able to spin one thing into another.  At times it is what I want it to be.  Sometimes it is what I need it to be.  There are those rare moments when, “it is what it is.”

Think about it.

When it comes to your career, I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a zone burning the midnight oil, running on fumes, and on a deadline. You keep pushing it here don’t you? It’s exciting, fulfilling, and no one is going to do it for you, but you go as long and strong as you can.  After all, it is your career on the line. It’s your future, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness.

When it comes to your family, I’m sure those of you with children remember looking them in the eye the first time, kissing their forehead, having your heart skip a beat, and your breath taken away. The first time they spoke your name you encouraged them to do it again. The first steps they took, you coached, encouraged, and applauded every attempt that always landed with a face plant or a splat on the behind. Remember how proud you were when they worked to failure?

Remember the last time you did that for yourself?

When it comes to working out, weight loss, or strength training, you get in a zone, sweaty, fierce, and out of breath.  Right? This is when the magic happens. This is when your body is changing. You begin to make all the difference right here. How long can you hold on to it? How long can you keep going…going strong? You are not getting stronger here.  You are getting weaker, overloaded, and exhausted.  You will heal.  You will recover.  You will bounce back.  You will be stronger.  You just have to do it for yourself this time.

I can’t wait until the day you walk past a mirror and the moment just takes YOUR breath away!

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