Be Content

Be Content

My Twitter and Facebook friends may recognize this.  I tend to share inspirational quotes.  In fact, one day I only tweeted “Make it a great day” and I had some pretty sad followers!  SO–I’ve raised the bar!  I’m going to attempt to share some of my thoughts on on my favorite quotes.  BUT, I encourage you to find the meaning in them for YOU… don’t be distracted by my reasons, perhaps–only be a little enlightened…  Ok, here we go….

“May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.”

Someone asked, doesn’t this go against all we preach at Ellipse Fitness?  Hmmm, Good Question….  NO.

We must know where we are and acknowledge where we’ve been, in order to set a goal and move forward.  Our path ahead is effected by what’s happening now.  Can we change that path?  Yes.  But, perhaps we should stop for a moment and embrace where we are?  What’s happening right now is exactly what’s supposed to be happening, at this moment in time, so we can learn for the future.

Whether your goal is weight loss, financial freedom, more energy or less stress…embrace today, so your tomorrow is a concentrated effort.

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  1. Lisa ~ This is why you run this ship!! You are TRUE motivator. No matter where someone is in life… of the pyramid or bottom of the barrel….you have a vision to help that person stay focused or get out of their slump!

    For those of you who need help: Listen to this woman….she knows what she’s talking about!!

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