“Are you ready boots? Start walking.”

“Are you ready boots? Start walking.”

It has been such an exciting few weeks.  Many of us have recently been touched by Kristin Steede who was featured in Season 7 of The Biggest Loser.  It was a real treat to meet her here in St. Louis.  She is very down to Earth, realistic, and HONEST!

Here is what I took away from her speech:

  • “I don’t have good days and bad days.  I have good hours and bad hours.”
  • “If there is a detour on your path, will you take the detour to reach your destination? Or will you turn around and go back?”
  • “What motivates me may not motivate you. What motivates me today may not motivate me tomorrow.  Keep searching for motivation.”
  • “What do you need to have happen to have your ‘a-ha’ moment?”

Well?  What will it take?  I met people this week who have lost babies during pregnancy due to excessive weight, suffered from strokes, cancers, and heart attacks, and those who only left the house to come meet Kristin?  Kristin-thank you for taking time away from your husband, family, and home town to pay forward lessons you’ve learned.  Some of us will never be able to thank you enough!

You’ve heard it before, but life lessons are repeated until learned.  Each lesson becomes more difficult than the previous lesson until it is learned.

How difficult does it have to be?  Every journey begins with a single step.  Could THIS Spring be the season YOU take your first steps?


Yes….I RUN MY OWN RACE! First, I must admit that I stole this saying from a dear friend that is going through her own weight loss journey and fitness routine. She and I have had many wonderful discussions about our “battles” and “successes” that I thought I must share this sentiment because it is so true! In life, we all choose our paths and we must run our own race, pick our course, and live with the results.

For many years, I unfortunately ran a very unhealthy race, which lead me to tip the scales at 237 pounds on a 5’2” frame and find myself on the verge of Diabetes. Yes, yes….I know you have all heard my story. The reason that I am reiterating this is because I want you to know that IT IS POSSIBLE to change your course and run your race of life in a healthy and positive fashion. Does it take hard work and determination? YES! Is it easy? NOT ALWAYS….otherwise everyone would do it, right?

My friend that I mentioned at the outset phrased it best by saying that having a weight loss journey is like going through the trenches! Man is she right. There are days when I felt like I was ready to bust. Could I avoid the tempting cookies at work? Did I have enough ambition to work out daily? Would the scale show a weight loss that week? Did I, Did I, Did I???? I STILL DO!! Yes, I still avoid the coffee area of the office where I know there are sure to be “sweet temptations”, I still set two alarm clocks for 4:15 AM to ensure I will wake up for my morning work-out routine, I still weigh myself every couple days to make sure that I am still on track. I AM STILL RUNNING THE RACE and I will continue this “race” for the rest of my life because this is the race that I have now chose.

So what is your race? What does your course look like? Will you choose to lead a healthy life and make better choices or will you make excuses to live an unhealthy or inactive lifestyle? No one can change your course except for you. If you are not happy with your results, then it is time to evaluate your course. Be your own person, kick that punching bag as high as YOU can, choose a nutrition program that works for YOU and stick with it, & worry about YOU!

Now is the time….don’t delay! Find some time for yourself over the next couple days and write down a couple words that help you best describe your “race”. Make those things a priority in your life and set your course. I am so grateful that I found my course and that I can live the rest of my life healthy, happy, and fit!

Tiffany’s Tip: Substituting extra lean ground turkey for ground beef can save you over 6-7 grams of fat per serving + 100-150 calories!! Give it a try. I love to make ground turkey with taco seasoning, fresh garlic, and onion. Enjoy it on a low carb tortilla as a taco! My husband even loves it!

Water and Weight Loss

Water and Weight Loss
Water is one of the best tools for weight loss, first of all because it often replaces high-calorie drinks like soda and juice and alcohol with a drink that doesn’t have any calories. But it’s also a great
appetite suppressant, and often when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty. Water has no fat, no calories, no carbs, and no sugar. Drink plenty to help your weight-loss program.

Better exercise
Being dehydrated can severely hamper your athletic activities, slowing you down and making it harder to lift weights. Exercise requires additional water, so be sure to hydrate before, during and after exercise.

Cancer risk
Related to the digestive system item above, drinking a healthy amount of water has also been found to reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45%. Drinking lots of water can also reduce the risk of bladder cancer by 50% and potentially reduce the
risk of breast cancer.

Healthy skin
Drinking water can clear up your skin and people often report a healthy glow after drinking water. It won’t happen overnight, of course, but just a week of drinking a healthy amount of water can have good effects on your skin.

Heart healthy
Drinking a good amount of water could lower your risks of a
heart attack

· Carry a reusable bottle. Not only is it good for the environment. It’s good for you! When it’s empty, refill and keep drinking.

· Set your watch to beep at the top of each hour, or set a periodic computer reminder, so that you don’t forget to drink water.

· Kickboxing and other forms of cardiovascular exercise can help make you WANT to drink water more. Be sure to drink water a couple hours before your workout, so that it works through your system in time, and drink during and after exercise as well.

· Keep a little log and keep it simples. Tally marks will do.

Tiffany’s Grocery Shopping List!

Hi Everyone,

I had some requests for a sample of my grocery shopping list, so here it is!Please feel free to post comments or questions.As always, I am happy to help!


Romaine LettuceVillage Hearth Light Bread

TomatoesVillage Hearth Light English Muffins

BroccoliExtreme Wellness Low Carb Tortillas

CauliflowerTofu Noodles (found at Woodman’s)

AsparagusVillage Hearth Light Buns

Green Peppers*(if having turkey burgers or chicken


Carrots & Celery

Sweet potatoes (smaller in size)

A few small red potatoes




MeatsMore Protein

Sara Lee Roasted Chicken Breast Lunch MeatKemps or Swiss Valley Fat Free Cottage Cheese

ScallopsChobani Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt

Shrimp (frozen bag – fully cooked)Egg Beaters

Frozen HaddockSupreme or Oh Yeah Bars (found at Ellipse)

Starkist Tomato Pesto Tuna in packetProtein Powder (Ellipse)

Regular canned tunaTurkey Jerky (like beef jerky)

Fresh package of skinless boneless chicken breasts

Jennie-O Turkey Tenderloin

Jennie-O Extra Lean Ground Turkey

Jennie-O Fresh Turkey Burgers

Chicken Sausages (found at Woodman’s or Sam’s Club)

Dairy AisleSnacks

1% MilkSpecial K Crackers

Fat Free Sour CreamQuaker Large Rice Cakes (many flavors!)

Kraft Singles Fat Free Sliced Cheese100 calorie 97-98% fat free popcorn

Frigo or Sargento Light String Cheese10 calorie sugar free Jell-O

Light & Fit Diabetic Friendly Yogurt


Hunt’s Sugar Free Spaghetti Sauce

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

Mrs. Renfro’s Smokey Roasted Salsa

Zip Lock Steamer Bags

Special K Protein Plus Cereal or Regular Cherrios


Flavored Splenda packets for coffee

Crystal Light

Jar of Pickles

McCormick Vegetable Supreme Spice

List of Favorites from Trader Joe’s!!

If you are ever in the Milwaukee or Madison area and can make a trip to Trader Joe’s, I highly recommend that you stock up on these favorites!

Chicken Patties (like a burger!)

Turkey Kielbasa

Seafood Sausages

Tomato Marinara Sauce

Sundried Tomato Marinated Chicken Breast

Fat Free Rice Crackers

Now I know that you are going to have questions, so ask away!!I look forward to hearing from you!

Tiffany’s Tip:Stay on the outside aisle’s of the grocery store!Stock up on your produce, proteins, eggs, milk, etc….The inside aisle’s become dangerous because that is where all the temptations linger!!Spend more time and money in the outside aisles!!

The Evolution of YOU

Time to take a stroll down memory lane.  Get out an old photo album.  OMG, remember your hair? that outfit?  that old flame? how thin you were?  how much bigger you were? A sit down with old family friends, photos, or even a particular song on the radio can remind you of days gone by.  Considering your most precious commodity is time, I would ask one more question.  Have you invested your time wisely?  If the question needs to be ask, there is really no need to answer.

It does, however, pose a new question.  WHEN will it be YOUR time?  You don’t need anyone to select you from a casting call.  You don’t have to wait until after holidays, birthdays, graduation, or the school year.  These events never end.  They just change.  It’s time for you to make YOUR change.  It’s time to Evolve slowly, surely, and successfully.  Enough is enough.  Take that first step.  It’s not easy, and you are not alone.


Of course, I am BLOGGING  today!  This is my favorite day of the year.  It is the only day of the year that is a command.  March FORTH. Change your life today.  Influence someone else in a positive manor TODAY!  Ellipse Fitness founder, Lisa Welko, said it best, “March is the new January.”  Remember that resolution you set?  What happened?  Did you reach that milestone?  Did you vow to give up soda, but after having one, did you throw that that resolution out the window?  You don’t have to do something for an entire year.  As a matter of fact, that is ridiculous.  Life happens one day at a time.  One moment at a time.

Use this day to teach your children about goal setting, endurance, failure (yep, that is important too!), and team work.

In this moment, write down one or two goals.  Then, write down the steps you will take to get there.  These are your check points.  Start working towards the first one immediately.  Need help with your goal setting?  If you are not sure what steps you should take, post a comment.  We can ALL help you.  You are not alone!

Exercise.  Eat clean.  Laugh more.  Plan a play date with your family, your spouse, or YOURSELF.  Then DO IT!  March Forth and wish all you see and meet a “Happy March Forth.”