Put yourself in a position of power. MARCH FORTH.

Put yourself in a position of power. MARCH FORTH.

Those of you who follow boxinmama (Me!) on twitter have heard this phrase before. My fourteen year old son’s basketball coach uses it often. It’s such a profound statement. “Put yourself in a powerful position.”
“Don’t just stand there with your hands at your sides. Put your hands up. Get your game face on.” Why are you here? What do you want? Most importantly: What is your powerful position?
MY powerful position is one in guard. Hands up. Elbows in. Focused! Ready stance. I realize that I wear many hats in the world. I am a wife, mother, business woman, motivator, coach, trainer, and friend. My actions display positions offered to me just like a sports try out. If I constantly let my spouse, children, colleagues, clients, or friends down, they certainly will not call on me in the last minute of the game. I can keep my guard position tight and strong standing at a bag, waiting in the carpool line, or negotiating a big business deal. Whatever the hat you are wearing today, acknowledge it and put yourself in a powerful position.
“When you’re screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore. That means they gave up. That is a very bad place to be. Your critics are the ones telling you they still love you and care.” Randy Pausch
Keep your arms in. Elbows tight. Focus. Stop talking and DO IT! Need help. ASK. My favorite day of the year is coming up. March 4th MARCH FORTH. Get it? You will as soon as you read the next Ellipse Fitness newsletter. Get ready and get your game face on! Right AMP’D cadets? It’s time to put yourself in a powerful position.

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