Little Changes In Your Diet = BIG RESULTS

Little Changes In Your Diet = BIG RESULTS

Ok….so I’m back in the game with my blogging again. Over the Holidays, it seems that I fell off the blogging wagon! Good news….I didn’t fall off the weight loss/maintenance wagon!

Many of you have asked me what are the little changes that I made or that you can make in your diet to stay in control of the calories and make a difference in your waistline. I have come up with a list of items that I think many of you may use on a daily basis and some substitutes for those items as I have adjusted them in my diet.

1) COFFEE CREAMER – NO! Loaded with empty calories and fat that you simply do not need. Instead of coffee creamer, try using flavored protein powder. My favorite is the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Whey Protein. Mix this with a little water in the bottom of your coffee cup and then add your coffee. This is considered your protein for breakfast, so there is no need to make yourself eggs or fuss with anything else. A full serving of protein is found in one scoop of the protein powder!!

2) BREAD – First of all…bread is not bad. Bread is a carbohydrate and your body does need carbohydrates for energy. However, it is a good idea to read the label on the bread you are eating because too many carbs can lead to stored energy and ultimately FAT! Stick with 2 slices of light bread (like Village Hearth Light or Sara Lee De-Light), which are only 80-90 calories for TWO pieces of bread and around 17-18 carbs for both slices!

3) POTATOES – Try a sweet potato instead of a regular white potato. I love to take a sweet potato, cut it up into small pieces, place it on a baking sheet, spray it with PAM cooking spray, sprinkle with a packet of Splenda and some cinnamon and roast it in the oven until tender. YUM! If you are going to have a white potato….make sure that you select a SMALL potato….if you eat a baking sized white potato with toppings….you will not lose weight!

4) CHEESE – Personally I think that eating cheese while trying to lose weight is self-sabotage! Cheese is processed and it is loaded with fat. If you must have cheese in a casserole or on a sandwich, switch to a low-fat or fat-free version. Sitting down to 2 oz. of regular cheese and 5-6 crackers will cost you about 350 calories!! Personally, I don’t even think that is that filling. That is like 6 dice and 5 crackers….seriously?? 350 calories for that?? You could have a ½ cup of cottage cheese and 2 Quaker large rice cakes for 170 calories instead!

5) MEAT AND POULTRY – Mmmmm…PROTEIN! Now we are talking! Yes, you must learn to love your protein if you want to build lean muscle, which ultimately burns more calories and allows you to digest a few extra calories on a daily basis. The biggest ticket to choosing your meat and poultry is to choose a cut that is less than 5 grams of fat for about a 4 oz. serving. If it has more fat than that….DON”T EAT IT! So, what are some suggestions you ask? Turkey tenderloin, pork tenderloin, Chicken breast, Jennie-O Turkey Burgers, Extra Lean Ground Turkey, Lean Sirloin. If you must eat red meat and/or steak, choose the leanest cuts and trim off the fat before you cook it. PROTEIN IS YOUR FRIEND….GET ENOUGH OF IT BECAUSE IT WILL FILL YOU UP AND LEAVE YOU SATISFIED!

6) DRESSINGS & OIL – This is something that I choose to avoid. I don’t use butter and I do not use regular mayo. When absolutely necessary, I just use light or fat free mayo. NO BUTTER! BUTTER = BAD! Again, personally I think it is self-sabotage. Why? Butter is fat! Fat sits on your butt and is hard to get off! Get the point? Try using seasonings instead of butter and oils. One of my favorites is McCormick’s spice called Vegetable Supreme…..excellent flavor. I put my veggies in a Ziplock Steamer bag, shake Vegetable Supreme in the bag on the veggies, microwave for 2 minutes, and WALAA….steamed veggies with no butter!

7) WATER – Water needs to be a common denominator in your diet. You need to drink LOTS and LOTS of water! Every drop of water that you put in your body helps push out the junk! Try substituting your afternoon soda with water enhanced by a Crystal Light- On The Go pack. This will give the water some flavor and you’re not adding a tone of calories to get this flavor. This eliminates the carbonation that you would have had in the soda. Carbonation = belly fat!!

8) LATE NIGHT SNACKS – Do you get a food craving right before bed? I sometimes do and I have had to find a way to curb this so that I don’t hit the cookie jar! Something that has worked for me is to have a cup of hot Oolong or Green Tea, or a cup of 25 calorie/ sugar free hot chocolate. IT MUST BE BOILING! This way you drink it slow and it leaves you satisfied. The biggest sabotage that you can make for yourself is to inhale 200-300 calories of junk food before you go to bed. Your body is going to have a tough time metabolizing that food and you are going to be frustrated with the results!

9) ALCOHOL – Oh yes ladies and gentlemen….you knew it was gonna be on my list! If you want to lose weight, you cannot inhale empty calories of alcohol. One glass of wine is around 150 calories, 2 oz of Whiskey is around 200 calories, 1 light beer is around 175 calories. If you have one and it is planned within your diet…you’re good. If you go out and have a 12 pack of beer, a bottle of wine, or 6 Whiskey and diet sodas….you are doomed! Alcohol will pack on the pounds! If you plan to have a few spirits, I suggest that you have one large glass of water in between drinks so that you help flush your system and the water will keep you fuller so that you are less likely to keep drinking!

Ok….so I’m a little “wordy”! I know, I know! However, I also know that you are looking for ways to improve your diet and I want to help you! Please comment on this blog with any ideas that you have used to help supplement your diet or questions that you’d like me to cover in upcoming blogs.

Tiffany’s Tip: Going to a Super Bowl Party? Watch out for the chicken wings….they’ll get ya! 4 chicken wings with BBQ sauce = 385 calories & 28 grams of fat! In comparison, one chicken breast topped with BBQ sauce = 170 calories and 3-4 grams of fat! CHOOSE WISELY!

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