Hi Everyone,

So….Thanksgiving Day (aka: Turkey Day) is almost upon us. Are you ready? Have you set your mind as to how you will survive the day without being tempted by every turkey drumstick, dollop of gravy, stuffing mix, new dessert, and ice cream cake that is going cross over your plate? Everyone got a good laugh in class today because I said that I was going to get a baby bib that says “My First Thanksgiving” to wear to the dinner table this year. It is like a first Thanksgiving to me because I will be doing things a little different this year. If I had to fair a guess as to the amount of calories that I ate in one Thanksgiving dinner last year, I would guess that I ate at least 1,100-1300 calories in one sitting!! (FYI: If you are reading this blog for the first time….last year at this time I was 237 pounds & now weight 127!)

Here are some of the “rules” that I plan to live by this Thanksgiving Day to survive “Grandma’s feast” and not get carried away:

1. EAT A NORMAL BREAKFAST! It is not a good idea to skip breakfast in an effort to “save calories” for your Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. You will only end up feeling starved by the time dinner rolls around and you will tend to over-eat to compensate for the hunger that you are experiencing. I plan to eat a good solid breakfast of Egg Beaters, Toast, Fruit, and ½ cup of milk.

2. REMEMBER YOUR EXERCISE PLAN! It is all about creating a calorie deficit every day if you want to lose or maintain your weight. So….why would you skip your work-out on a day when you know that you will take in more calories than normal?? Ellipse classes are being offered on Thanksgiving Day….don’t skip….get your work-out in before you head for that piece of Pumpkin Pie!

3. DRINK YOUR WATER! Drinking water will keep you hydrated and will keep your head clear to make sensible choices. If you choose to have a glass of wine….have a glass of water right after….keep hydrated. If you have the glass of wine….remember to track this….one glass of wine is about 150 calories! Tiffany’s TRICK: I make Pink Lemonade Crystal Light and pour it into a fancy pitcher. I serve my guest blush colored wine. I pour my Pink Lemonade Crystal Light into a wine glass (makes me feel special…LOL). My guests and I are now drinking the same colored drink and I don’t feel deprived!

4. EAT YOUR FAVORITE DISH! Don’t deprive yourself by skipping something that you look forward to all year, this will only leave you feeling disappointed. The key is to eat this item in moderation. Is it Aunt Suzy’s sweet potatoes, Grandma’s homemade stuffing, Mom’s cranberry salad, Uncle Steve’s upside down caramel apple pie, etc…?? Make this item your “treat”….but eat it in moderation and you will likely feel satisfied having had a traditional treat.

5. BRING A DISH TO PASS! Your family will be impressed by your culinary skills and you will have a side dish that you know is acceptable for you to eat! You could bring a vegetable salad, fruit salad, stuffed tomatoes with Chobani Greek yogurt, steamed asparagus, bountiful lettuce salad with mixed veggies, etc…. You now have a great side dish to compliment your healthy lifestyle and can fill your plate with this “good” option as well!

6. DON’T WEAR JOGGING PANTS TO THE DINNER TABLE! If you wear something “too comfy” to the dinner table, you will likely not feel the effects of the fullness you are experiencing while you are eating. Wear pants or bottoms that are fitted …..this will help you “stop” when you are feeling full. Loose fitting clothing tends to stretch and give you room to keep eating!

7. WATCH THE EXTRAS! Feasts of food, such as Thanksgiving, typically mean bowls of miscellaneous candy sitting around, creamer for the coffee, full fat sour cream, gravy, real butter, whipped cream toppings, etc…. If you are going to have the Pumpkin Pie, skip the whipped topping. Have a cup of coffee, but skip the creamer. Walk by the bowl of candy and remember that you are going to indulge in your treat from Item #4 above. Have a small serving of mashed potatoes, but skip the sour cream or gravy topping.

8. LAST BUT NOT LEAST……REMEMBER TO GIVE THANKS! Remember what this day and time is all about. Give thanks for the wonderful blessings that you have been given. Remember to take time to enjoy your family and friends. Remember to enjoy your life and everything that you work hard for! Even when times are tough…..we all have blessings in our life (i.e. health, family, friends, food, employment, shelter, etc…). GIVE THANKS!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your day with family and friends. Hit an Ellipse studio on Thanksgiving morning for your work-out, eat sensibly, drink your water, and enjoy your day!



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