Diet VS. Lifestyle

Diet VS. Lifestyle

Ok….so I must admit that I have tried every “diet” that I thought might work. I think that I even tried one where all I ate was cabbage soup??? WHAT?? Yeah, so obviously eating cabbage soup is not something that you can do every day.  So is it really a “diet”? I think that the word “diet” has taken on a negative meaning to a lot of people. How many times don’t you hear “Oh yeah….she’s on a “diet” and she’s lost 25 pounds”?  Many people think of a “diet” as an eating plan that is followed short term to obtain weight loss results, but not a plan that is followed long term.

In January when I started taking care of myself, my mom would call me and ask me how my “diet” was going. I have since convinced her that it is not a “diet”, but it is my new lifestyle. I think that she became so used to me shoving junk food in my mouth that to see me eat raw vegetables with cottage cheese was a “diet” to her. Yes, eating raw vegetables and cottage cheese is part of my diet, but it’s not the only thing that I eat for weeks on end. Now when my mom calls, she asks how our new active lifestyle is going. This is the biggest compliment that someone can give me because not only is it my “diet” that encourages weight loss, it is the activity that I maintain throughout my daily life!

Something that I neglected to tell you in my last blog is that not only have I lost 95 pounds (yes….it’s now 95!); my husband has also lost 80 pounds! This doesn’t just happen by chance. This happens because we have decided to make good choices. So here are a few things that we have changed and incorporated into our new lifestyle:

  1. We used to go out to dinner at least 4 nights per week. We now limit ourselves to 1 out to eat meal (something we don’t prepare ourselves) once per week.

  1. We work out every day. Period….no questions asked….every day.

  1. At night, we find enjoyment in walking or running to the park with our dog, which gives us a chance to catch up on each other’s day. Plus….we burn about 300 calories!

  1. We grocery shop together once per week. When we’re in the store, we each try to find a couple new products to compare labels and see if we find a new item to add to our meal plans. This can be really fun because you never know what you’ll find… turkey bites…YUM!!

  1. When we go out boating, we pack a lunch in a cooler instead of eating a burger at a local bar and grill.

  1. We take our own meat to throw on the grill at cookouts. We choose to eat lean meats, so we bring chicken brats or turkey burgers to throw on the grill at family picnics or at the neighborhood BBQ. This way we are not tempted by a less than healthy option.

My point in this blog is that living a healthy lifestyle is not about eating cabbage soup for 3 weeks and then binging on unhealthy choices for the next week, only to find yourself feeling frustrated at the end of this 4 week cycle. A healthy lifestyle is about making good eating choices 98% of the time, controlling your “cheats”, and exercising your body regularly. It’s not 3 weeks on, then 1 week off……it’s choosing to take control of your life all the time.

Grab control of your life. Plan your meals out wisely to incorporate a healthy range of foods. Exercise your body. This truly is the best plan to not only losing weight, but maintaining a healthy weight!

Remember….it’s not “a diet”! Your diet is just a part of your new lifestyle! Embrace it….you’ll be amazed how good it can feel!

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  1. It does seem that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately. Don’t really understand it though, but thanks for trying to explain it. Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep it up

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