“NOTARUNNER”–Not a runner?  Hey? I’m not a runner, too!  Want to be “Not a Runner”, with me and train for the half marathon?

True “Runners” love it!  They get a “high” I haven’t gotten.  They know the lingo.  They know how many miles they went or need to go and they know how many minutes per mile—or is it “K”?  Yep–“Did the 10K”, “training for the “half”, doing the “full”–sheesh!  Good for you, all you runners!  That’s great, you guys stay up front and let me know how the bugs are and if there’s any potholes I should watch out for.

For the rest of us, let’s get some good shoes, an ok from our doc–if we’ve had injuries or are over 35 or havent’ run before, and we’ll just start “logging some miles”!  Hey–that was pretty good lingo!

More on the shoes tomorrow! Gotta “catch some zzzz’s”–lingo?  Hmmmm?

1/2 Marathon–who?! Me?!!!

Yep–it’s that time of year!  Time to begin setting some goals, making some resolutions and sticking to them.  January?  Nope! It’s about 3 months until the Fox Cities Marathon and Ellipse members start rumbling about giving it a try!  I’m here to say… YOU CAN DO IT! 

Do I consider myself a running expert?  NO!  Do I love to run and can’t believe there are days I go without and seriously miss it?  NO! BUT, I may be just the person you need to help you get through your first 1/2 marathon, because…yep, this is MY training schedule.  I did it two years ago and I’ll be running this year with all of my Ellipse friends! 

This training schedule is for the COMPLETE novice.  The person who does not care about time, just wants to finish and check one more goal off their list!

I’ll share tips along the way, but here’s a start for the first few weeks, as we head into July!  Enjoy and keep checking back for tips and schedules to keep you on track!  Please comment to this BLOG and share your progress.  We’re anticipating a large Ellipse Group–so stay tuned on a few organized training runs, tshirts, equipment tips and deals, etc!!!








July 5th

Ellipse or 45 min cardio (not running or treadmill!)

Ellipse or  Strength train+3 miles run

Ellipse or 45 min cardio (not running or treadmill!)


Ellipse or  Strength train+3 miles run


Ellipse or 45 min cardio (not running or treadmill!)


1 day rest/1 day 4 miles

July 12th

Ellipse or 45 min cardio (not running or treadmill!)


Ellipse or  Strength train+3 miles run


Ellipse or 45 min cardio (not running or treadmill!)


Ellipse or  Strength train+3 miles run


Ellipse or 45 min cardio (not running or treadmill!)


1 day rest/1 day 4 miles

Get Back On!

My ten year old fell off a horse yesterday.  TWICE!  She’s not a”horse person” she’s a girl who likes horses and is indulging in learning more about them with a riding lesson 1-2x a week this summer.  She did this last summer, too.  But, to date, hasn’t fallen off.  Well, yesterday she did. TWICE! Ya know what?  She got back back on.  At first, she thought about it.  But then, she dusted herself off and without a lot of hesitation, she put her foot in the stirrup, swallowed a few tears and got back on the darn horse.

Would you?

Do you?

When you fall off the weight loss/exercise wagon–do you get back on?

With very few exceptions no one eats and exercises perfectly every day, day in and day out, FOREVER.  We fall off.  We eat pizza.  We have birthday cake.  Whatever….how you deal with that will determine if you’re on a diet or you’re adapting a lifestyle.  If you’re on a diet, the chances are high you’ll go “off it” and have a hard time getting back “on it”.  SO, let’s consider a lifestyle change.  Let’s decide to change our life and get back on the wagon the second we fall off.

Are you doing  AMP’D?  If you are –we’re on a 14 day cleanse diet.  YEP, it’s a real diet.  It’s a short term kick in our butt, to help us focus on the task at end.  It has an end and a beginning.  After it, we move into lifestyle changes that CHANGE LIFESTYLES! 

I love new AMP’D sessions!  Everyone is full of hope and energy and fear and we have similar mind sets.  I hope yours is, that no matter what–no matter what weird exercise or no matter what personal challenge is presented you during this summer, that you’ll give it your best.  Swallow your tears, or maybe your fears, and you’ll give it your all!  Get back on the healthy wagon and change your life!

Week 2 AMP’D Email


Hi All!

We are plowing through the second week of AMP’D and your energy is incredible! WOW! Are you changing? Can you feel it? Inside as well as out? Mentally as well as physically? Are you stronger in your attitude as well as your body? The next 10 weeks can be LIFE-CHANGING – its up to you to embrace the process and embrace the change.

So – let’s talk about goals. Do you have one? Is it big? HUGE? Can you taste it? Do you see it in your mind every morning when you get up? On your way to every workout? As you lay in bed aching from the day’s “festivities”? If you don’t, you will be disappointed in the end. How can you be accountable to yourself for your dream if you don’t define it? How do you measure your progress toward a destination if the destination does not exist? How do you push yourself when you have no idea what you are pushing for?!?

Here it is. Your AMP’D homework. Get a pen and a piece of paper.

Now. Go get it. Your task is to define your dream. Make it measurable. None of this “I want to look better” crap. WHAT IS THAT?!? A cop out, that’s what!

How can you measure that? Be real. Be to the point. Be HONEST! What do you want?

> * “I will lose __ pounds in 11 weeks.”

> * “I will lose ___ % body fat in 11 weeks.”

> * “I will bicep curl ___ lbs by week 11.”

> * “I will do ___ push ups on my fitness test.”

Write them down – all of them. Now you are accountable to YOU to make them happen. The question is – do you want it bad enough to GO. GET. IT.?

To be successful, you will need to break your BIG goal into smaller, manageable milestones you can measure every day, every week, every minute.

> * I will NOT cheat on my nutrition today.

> * I will eat all my protein today.

> * I will wash, cut and portion my veggies today.

> * I will give 110% at my workout today.

> * I will do every push up from my toes today.

In short, start each day with your dream in the front of your mind – keep it there. Measure your choices against it. “Will this put me closer to or further from my goal?”

Let it guide you through ALL you do and watch it become REAL!

STAY STRONG! You are all truly amazing!

A couple reminders: 1. Don’t forget to book your Week 3 check in with your instructor before the end of this week. Your first milestone!

2. Next week, the Cleanse will end and we will begin your AMP’D nutrition program. We will slowly begin to add some carbs back into your daily meals. You NEED these! It is important you add them back in. In total you will have 5 exchanges of carbs for your day.

(Exchange = 15 grams). You can eat them for breakfast, your morning snack and lunch. Your afternoon snack will remain protein only, and  supper will remain carb-free. That means, for example, you could have  2 pieces of toast for breakfast (w/ your protein and milk), a protein bar for a snack, and a sandwich for lunch. In addition, you will have more protein choices. You can choose very lean protein options in the pork, or beef category a few times a week and add deli meat once per day. Please feel free to ask questions. Week 3 – here we come!

Till next time… Want to see what others are saying and join in an Ellipse Conversation?

Facebook has an I Love Ellipse Fitness Fan Page!–do a search, we’ll pop up!

See you in class!



Thanks, Kristin!

I know she didn’t “invent” this saying, but it’s one of those “stay with you” sayings…What do you eat when no one is watching?  Kristin Steede says this as one of her “go to” sayings in her motivational speech and I want to stand up and applaud her every time I hear it!  Hey, Everyone…THOSE are the calories that’ll kick your butt! 

So, funny, I was at a great meeting tonight, where I happened to know quite a few people from Ellipse and Tiffany walked past me and smiled and looked at her plate…grilled chicking and a salad and a few baked beans, ATTA GIRL!  Not that I was “watching”–I make a habit to try and NOT make people uncomfortable when you see me in a restaurant or in a grocery store–I’m one of you!  However, Tiffany has lost 15 pounds in about 3.5 weeks!  She’s eating that way when I’m not around to monitor her.  Am I?  Are you?  If you eat like a little bird around people and then gorge yourself or even sneak extra snacks when no one is around, PS…your body isn’t fooled–those calories count!  Don’t fool yourself!… and ya know what?…you’re not fooling your friends or the scale…if you take in more calories then you burn, you’re going to gain weight—the only one you’re fooling if you think your fooling anyone…is yourself.

Put this saying on your fridge or in your cupboard or on the visor of your car for a few weeks. 

What do you eat when no one is watching?