What’s your motivation?

What’s your motivation?

Ok, This one puzzles me.  Did you notice at Kristin and Cathy’s party on Friday that the first few questions out of the basket were “motivation” questions?  What motivated them to keep going…what motivated them to not give up…what will they say to themselves to stay motivated?  WOW. 

Kristin is hoping to become a motivational speaker. (she’ll rock!) Cathy is hoping to inspire others through her newfound love of cooking healthy (she’ll rock, too!)  They’ll both be inspirational and motivating, they already ARE, to many of us, for several different reasons. 

Here’s my question though.  Once they’ve motivated you to MOVE and COOK and THINK, then what?  What will KEEP you going?  What keeps anyone going that’s living the healthy lifestyle?  You’ll see from Tiffany’s comment on yesterday’s BLOG, it’s a pair of size 20 pants that she doesn’t want to put on again.  For some people the goals are short term and these get a bad rap, because experts say a short term goal has and end and then people tend to give up.  Me?  I like short term goals.  LOTS AND LOTS of short term goals.  You know what?  They ADD UP!

A class reunion one month, a wedding the next, a vacation in 6 months, a doctor’s appointment to see if you’re going to need high blood pressure meds…whatever… All of these short term goals make me want to look and feel my best.  EVERYDAY!  I like my motivation “right around the corner”, what’s motivating you?

Challenge…write it down tomorrow when you wake up.  Write down your REASON, write down WHY on this day, you’re going to make a healthy choice, push hard in your workout, pass on the bread basket, whatever…Motivate yourself!  Have a great healthy day!