About Ellipse

At Ellipse we like the idea of “coming full circle”.  Not just eating right, not just exercising, but bringing it all together.  Creating the “perfect storm” as our president Lisa Welko likes to share.

The dictionary describes an Ellipse as “a shape resembling an oval or stretched circle with slightly longer, flatter sides.”

We encourage you to make your life an Ellipse.  Why Ellipse?  Because life isn’t perfect, and we’re here to help during the times you’re on course and off!

Life is rarely a perfect circle, but here is what we’ve found:  TRY to do things right – TRY to eat healthfully – TRY to exercise regularly – TRY to get enough sleep – STRIVE for the perfect circle.  Sometimes you’ll stay on the right path and sometimes you’ll veer off track and “life” will get the better of your goals.   Then it’s time to TRY AGAIN!

Stay on track as long as you can, when you veer off, don’t worry!  We’re here to help.  There will be other times you get off track and need to find the right path…you do that enough and you’ll find, you’re life path wasn’t a perfect circle, but it WAS an Ellipse.  It’s where we got the name and we beleive it as much today as we did ten years ago!

Ellipse Fitness offers large & small group training programs for their members.  Our sessions include kickboxing, strength training, cardiovascular training and high intensity training.  We also offer boot camp sessions as well as a nutrition and weight loss program.  Our company was founded in Appleton, WI in 2002 and we currently have 8 locations in Wisconsin and St Louis, Missouri.

Our training programs are designed by certified fitness professionals and customized to provide a balanced mix of strength, cardiovascular and high intensity training to help our members lose weight, burn fat, get in shape and look and feel GREAT.

All of our programs are taught in both a large and small group format fitness instructor.  This creates a positive and fun environment with personal attention that provides our members with a little something extra.  It’s motivating, it’s safe and has the benefit of a social environment that’s friendly, exciting and FUN! Our members don’t dread coming to Ellipse to exercise, they look FORWARD to it!

No Boring Machines!

Ellipse Fitness

At Ellipse Fitness there are no heavy machines, treadmills or heavy exercise equipment.   Our training programs use a of variety of different training techniques including: kickboxing, dumbbells, kettle bells, stability balls, ropes, resistance and TRX bands and old fashioned boot camp style exercises.

Weight Loss Programs Available

In addition to our fitness programs, we also provide a customized nutritional and weight loss program to help people eat healthier, burn fat and lose weight.  This program is personal, and provides an initial consultation plus weekly check ins to measure results and provide both the support, continuing education and motivation to help our members achieve their goals.

Membership Benefits – Convenience & Results

  • Convenience Our large group training programs are offered a minimum 35+ times a week.  This means there is always a time to accommodate the busy schedules of our members.
  • Results Our programs are designed by certified fitness professionals and change on a daily basis.  This provides the appropriate balance of both cardio and strength training to help our members lose weight, burn fat, and help them look and feel GREAT!
  • Variety – We change our workout programs on a regular basis.  This helps increase results, reduces the plateau effect and adds variety so our members never grow bored.  This provides an element of anticipation and makes our programs fun and exciting.
  • Flexible Membership Options- We offer multiple membership options to accommodate the goals and objectives of our members.  This provides people the opportunity to try our programs without the burden of an initial long-term commitment.  Give us a try and see if an Ellipse Fitness membership is the right fitness and weight loss solution for you.

The Best Part of Your Day… EVERYDAY!

At Ellipse Fitness, our goal is to be the best part of our member’s day, every single day.  Whether your objective is to lose weight, build muscle, burn fat, or simply get a good sweat and have fun; our programs are designed to help provide the guidance, instruction and motivation to help you achieve the RESULTS you are looking for.

We are unique in our approach in that every workout is a full-body workout.  No body zone splits here.  We train the body the way it works, all muscle groups working together to develop spot on form and complete full-body strength.

Simply put, we love what we do here are Ellipse Fitness.  We are passionate about people and changing lives by changing the way fitness is done.

Read about Lisa’s amazing story of determination, and her desire to create an environment  where people from all walks of life can achieve their fitness goals.

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