Charity lost 20 pounds!

From underweight to overweight, Charity tried running, but saw minimal results. She knew it would take a proper combination of exercise and diet, plus the encouragement of a trainer. That’s when Charity and a friend decided to join Ellipse Fitness. Click here to read Charity’s story.


Connie went from a size 12 to a size 4.

Even having gone down 8 sizes, Connie still faced the challenge of keeping it off. After many attempts to tackle her fluctuating weight issue on her won, Connie decided to turn to the trained staff at Ellipse Fitness for help. Click here to find out what happened next.


How much weight did Jamie lose in eight months?

Jamie’s weight gain had prevented here from doing what she loved most – horseback riding. At 266 lbs., she knew losing weight was about more than just enjoying her sport. It was about health and quality of life.  After many attempts with fad diets and unsuccessful exercise programs, Jamie paid a visit to here local Ellipse Fitness… Click to read more of Jamie’s story.


John  lost 30 pounds and gained a love of fitness!

Joining another gym was not on John’s wish list. Having joined others that provided little in the way of results, he felt his only option to weight loss would be to go it alone. However, after hearing great things form friends who had joined Ellipse Fitness, John decided to give it one last try. Click here to find out what happened.


Kari dropped 50+ pounds!

Kari’s story is a familiar one of joining gyms with unskilled instructors, buying DVD training videos, and trying diets that never lasted. Until she decided to give it one last chance and joined Ellipse Fitness. Click here to read Kari’s story.


Robin dropped 39 pounds, 13.3 percent body fat and four sizes!

Starting from 176 lbs., Robin joined Ellipse Fitness with the goal of leading an overall healthier lifestyle. Little did she realize how much of an impact her new regime would have on those around her. Click here to read Robin’s story.