Grow your membership and increase sales by offering your members proven programs that get results.

Are you operating a successful or semi successful gym or personal training center?

Are you looking to add large group classes or small group training to your center?

Are you handcuffed to instructors who are designing their own workouts…but you know there’s a better way?

Tired of paying $1000+ per month for group exercise programs that are offered at every big box in the state?

Disgusted with being tied to Group Ex instructors who still do things, because “that’s how we’ve always done it”?

Would kickboxing or boot camp classes bring you more members?

Are you ready to train 4-5 people per hour and increase your overhead, but don’t know where to start?

Our licensed fitness programs can provide your small or mid sized facility with a variety of both large and small group programs.  This can allow you to quickly and cost effectively offer a variety of classes, not be dependent on “aerobics queens” and help bring you more members and increase sales.

Ideal licensee’s include:

  • Small and mid box gyms who are looking to add fitness classes (includes 24 hour franchisees of other brands)
  • Personal training facilities looking to monetize unused space in their facility
  • Fitness centers looking to improve the quality of their fitness classes
  • Gym owners and sole operators who need to offer these programs but don’t have the time and financial resources to implement a quality large group program

Ellipse Fitness has been in business since 2002.  Our programs include large and small group training, metabolic classes, strength and circuit training, and kickboxing.  New workouts and classes provided on a monthly basis and can accommodate up to 35+ sessions a week.  Imagine telling your group classes that they’ll never be bored, because the classes always change!  Include a balance of kickboxing, metabolic, boot camps, kettle bell, TRX and strength training and will be modified on a regular basis to reduce the chance of a plateau and yield optimal results for your clients.  The license includes training videos and chat ready support for your fitness instructors.

Marketing and seasonal programming is also available!  Tired of researching what to do in January and it’s already December?  We’ve been there!  This is for YOU!  Want a program that you can prove losing 2 jean sizes in 8 weeks? We can help!

Additional benefits for your facility include:

  • Reduced monthly costs for class programs
  • Reduced cost for training and choreography
  • Less dependance on your group instructors
  • Access to seasonal CURRENT marketing
  • Increased revenue for unused space in your facility
  • Increased prospects and member sales
  • Increased revenue for your business

Some programs may require additional investment in equipment.  We can provide you with a detailed list of required equipment as needed.

Programs can run for as little as $300 per month.

If you are interested in offering an Ellipse Fitness program to your members, please complete the form to the right and we will get back to you in a timely manner.


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