If you have a passion for fitness, nutrition and wellness, we invite you to be the best part of our members’ day, every single day.

General Manager/Studio Manager

An Ellipse Fitness General/Studio Manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of the fitness center.  The primary task is to make sure our members feel welcome and appreciated when they are training.  The Studio Manager will keep the center organized, schedule classes, oversee the fitness coaches and trainers, make sure the studio is clean and organized, and help address questions, comments and concerns of our members and guests.

Fitness Coach / Personal Trainer

An Ellipse Fitness Coach is responsible for leading our training sessions.  These sessions may include up to 30 participants at a time.   Fitness coaches must have an accredited personal and/or group exercise certification from an approved certifying body.  They also must be able to teach kickboxing, strength, metabolic and boot camp style sessions.  Fitness Coaches must have a passion for fitness and a desire to make a positive impact for the health and fitness our members.